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An advantage that Symbian had over the iOS and WebOS was the number of manufactures making devices for the platform. When it comes to apps, a few developers are making an effort (relative to the competition). In order for the OS to become relevant again, Nokia (which recently took over Symbian development) needs to make a dramatic move.
The S Curve is a well known project management tool and it consists in "a display of cumulative costs, labour hours or other quantities plotted against time".The name derives from the S-like shape of the curve, flatter at the beginning and end and steeper in the middle, because this is the way most of the projects look like. The S curve can be considered as an indicator and it's used for many applications related to project management such as: target, baseline, cost, time etc.
Engineering change management is a component of project management that can help you minimize cost and increase benefits. It was not developed from scratch, instead it was taken from S60v3 and modified for touch screens. The 12 MegaPixel Camera with Xenon flash and Carl Zeiss Optics, TV out via HDMI, aluminum casing and so forth and so on, are great hardware features.

Unfortunately for older Symbian devices, some of the more exciting titles, like Angry Birds, are only compatible with Symbian^3 phones, that’s the N8, C6, C7 and E7 only so far.
For example MS Project does not have this possibility so a third party software application is needed to process the Baseline and Production Schedule data and generate the needed S Curve.( for example S Curve Generator that integrates with MS EXcel to generate S Curves).
It can support games and apps just as well as Android and iOS can – so what is going wrong? When new disruptive technologies emerge, it’s either you quickly jump on that bandwagon or stay put and eventually die out.
With a new desirable offering, many users would not hesitate to buy Nokia phones because they are known for high quality and reliability. On the bright side, if Nokia does make the change, it is in a good position and their strategies are likely to succeed. Instead of trying to fix the UI issues, it would take little effort to jump to something that’s already tried and tested. The openness, the features, the variety of hardware – all of these were things to brag about.

Nokia tends to release multiple variations of devices on the same platform to cater for different tastes – that strategy works.
They don’t have much to lose anyway – just like Microsoft didn’t have a lot to lose in launching WP7. Nokia can take the experience they have as leaders in the mobile arena for the past decade and make an amazing platform. A platform that can ensure sales, developers, more useful apps, and thus a more powerful presence.

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