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Diabetic foot ulcer (DFUs) are chronic wounds that can develop on the foot or lower extremities of people with diabetes.
If not properly treated, diabetic foot ulcer can result in serious complications, including amputation. DFUs often occur from complications of diabetes-specifically, peripheral neuropathy, a condition in which feeling, or sensation, is lost due to reduced blood flow to the lower extremities. Percent change in wound area of diabetic foot ulcers over a 4-week period is a robust predictor of complete healing in 12-week prospective trial.

Healing of chronic foot ulcers in diabetic patients treated with a human fibroblast-derived dermis. Among people with diabetes, approximately 15% experience a DFU in their lifetime, and approximately 2.5% develop a DFU each year. In the United States, approximately 60% of all lower extremity amputations occur among persons with diabetes; of these amputations, approximately 85% are preceded by a foot ulcer. Additionally, the rate of amputation for people with diabetes is 10 times higher than for people without diabetes.

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