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Your Torchlight product key has been emailed to your Arc registered email address, you can redeem this key in game. In Perfect World, there are 5 main races that inhabit the land, each with two distinct classes. Humans have been on the land since the beginning along with the Untamed and Winged Elves. Winged Elves are the only race in perfect world that start the game with the ability to fly! Earthguard are a race born from the very earth itself, having only just recently awoken from their slumber. Perfect World International has one of the most robust character customization options you'll find in any online game. After creating a new character, you'll be entered into the starting zone, Astral Domain.
Upon entering the Astral Domain, you'll be introduced to the world and asked to talk to key non-player characters of the land. In the Astral Domain, you'll be given an item that allows you to use 4 higher level skills for your class temporarily. If you take a look at your Action Bar at the bottom (1-9), you will notice you already have actions slotted into it.
Quests in Perfect World are numerous and will take you on grand adventures throughout the expanse of the land.
As you can see, there is auto-pathing text inside the quest window just like the quest tracker window. After a certain time, however, you'll be exploring all over the land so much that you might not know what to do next. As you carry out quests and take down wraiths (monsters), you'll notice your attacks doing varying damage to different monsters of the same level. This can decide many battles, especially for casters as they rely heavily on powerful ranged elemental attacks. Strength (STR): Governs physical attack, physical defense, and is the requirement for all three types of armor (Arcane. Magic (MAG): Governs mana points, magic attack, magical defenses, mana recovery rate, and is a req.
Other than assigning attribute points, you will want to learning skills to make use of all that coin and spirit. For the most part, spirit can only be obtained from finishing quests and killing wraiths, actions that also give you experience points. Once completed, anytime between Lv80-105 (max), new skills become available as well as modifications to existing skills based on the path chosen. Last on the list of basic things to know is the ever useful and updating Perfect World Boutique! To learn more about PWI, you can check out the PWI-WIki here which also has a beginner's guide on it as well as a large amount of useful information! ElswordElsword is an action, arcade style MMORPG with anime-esque graphics that has seen huge success worldwide. Perfect WorldChoose between humans, untamed, and winged elves in the fantasy MMORPG Perfect World. GolfstarGolfstar is a golf MMOG with a multiplayer mode that can accommodate up to 30 players on the same course at a time.
Prius OnlinePrius Online is an MMORPG in which players leverage a three-character system consisting of their own created character, an anima, and a gigas. Blade 9, the latest MMORPG from the More Fun Online Group, is scheduled the launch on June 3, 2013. This past Tuesday, Japanese game news site 4Gamer posted a gameplay video for Atlus' Shin Megami Tensei IV, a game which released in Japan just today and is set to release in North America on July 16th.
Those who play MicroVolts Online might be delighted for this tidbit of information: Rock Hippo has just announced the launch of the game's latest update, Winter Warfare. Nexon Europe is proud to announce the official kickoff of Season 2 for their hit action MMORPG Vindictus today. Alaplaya is excited to announce a huge new update for their free-to-play fantasy MMORPG Maestia. Rock Hippo has just announced the launch of the latest update for their free-to-play cartoon third-person shooter, MicroVolts Online.
In a recent interview Nexon America's Mabinogi producer, Ted Kim, stated, "When players speak out about specific content, we do our best to deliver. Today NCsoft, the publisher of a number of hit MMORPGs, confirmed their plans for a release of the hugely anticipated martial arts fantasy MMO Blade & Soul. War of Angels, the fantasy MMORPG from Neowiz Games, is getting a huge overhaul starting today. The staff here at ggFTW is proud to announce that after months and months of sitting on our hands and looking out the window, we've finally decided to bring back some old beloved events to the site, as well as some new ones! This First 10 takes us through an overview of the UI, character creation, a look at combat, and a quest to get rid of the floating people. This First 10 takes us through creating a character, an overview of the UI, and a few intro quests with some strange video artifacts. This First 10 takes us through creating a character, an overview of the UI, and part of the prologue gameplay.
This First 10 takes us through creating a character, an overview of the UI, and the first few story quests highlighting game functionality. The evolution of the player character is far from linear, with the choices determining the abilities in display. Each game profile contains useful information about the game, gameplay videos, user reviews, gameplay screenshots, system requirements and more! BTW – IF YOU SEE HIGH SCORES FOR THIS GAME ON OTHER GAMING WEBSITES, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM.
Many of the players including myself have moved on not only because of the amount of changes but also by the player base itself.
I used to play a Venomancer named Castgurl – I have had this character for a very long time.
The players are just double digit IQ numbers – the forums are filled with nothing but trolls now a days.
Now, I have a degree in Computer animation and have been editing videos, motion graphics, comic art and more for over 5 years – so my videos looked very good. I tried to DL this and the screen kept blinking,and my machine can e asily handle every other game I have played,including ESO. I am a big gamer fan of PWI took a break for a bit and they got RID of the stuff i loved to do FC can’t hyper in their any more BS PWI . The addition of ARC has been less than welcome, yet the owners (pwic) dona€™t seem to care that ita€™s a platform add on that very few want around.
At this point they have gone so far now with there lack of caring what the player wants to now migrate our old forums over to Arca€™s vanilla forums, a forum that STILL isna€™t working right.
Game lag, oh wow where to go with this onea€¦if we had in game gm visits that were regular, maybe some of the ddod hits we have might get stopped and the players doing them banned, as well as finding the players using cheat engines speed hack. In close, as much of a nice game as pwi is itself is, the management of this game is beyond any definition of horrible that you could find in any dictionary. Once you pass the menu you are able to customize your character using the newly developed character creation feature.
Archer a€“ Archers are great allies to have because of their capabilities and physical damage on your enemies from a safe distance. Cleric a€“ Powerful healing powers very weak in PvP battles but very supportive during heavy battles.

Wizard a€“ Can handle more damage than other classes, this may be the reason why their movements are very sluggish. Full ReviewPerfect World has gone through a lot of changes being released back in July of 2005 it was originally licensed in Malaysia by Cubizone, since then it has been internationally released. As soon as you hit the menu you will be able to customize your character, one neat thing about this feature is the in-depth customization levels. Not only is the Perfect World customizable but everything is top quality - the in-game graphics to the ability of customizing your character.
If you appreciate a great story dialogue Perfect World will probably let you down, the dialogue and story can definitely use some improvement.
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Based upon a collection of ancient Chinese mythology, culture and history, the world of Perfect World is a blend of fantasy and adventure.
WanMei features one of the most comprehensive character customization systems in any online game to date.
Choose between the 3 main races in the world of Perfect World which are the humans, beasts and elves, each with their own particular traits and advantages. Download this wallpaper at your current resolution () or download a different wallpaper size below. Remember to not share ac- count information as the site you are attempting to reach is not affiliated with Arc Games. Many wars were fought between these three races, in which humans became known for their battle prowess with a wide variety of weapons, as well as their ability to harness the power of water, fire, and earth.
The males of the race retained their barbaric animal nature, aptly named Barbarians, allowing them to be an unstoppable force on the battlefield.
These demi-gods have the best qualities of mortals and gods, allowing them to excel in highly dexterous skills such as archery, while also having an innately strong talent for magic. They are a race of defenders, only called on when the land is in dire trouble and in need of their pure soul's power.
To do so, all you need to do is open up the Inventory Window (B) and right click on a weapon, armor piece, charm, wing, etc to equip it! Once you finish the starting zone, you'll be put into Perfect World to begin your adventure. Both spirit and coin are needed to train each skill, as pictured below, and to also upgrade the level of a skill too. This means that as you level, you won't be able to learn every single skill available to you for your level.
As you explore, you will need to cultivate your spirit towards understanding all truth and your place in the universe. This boutique works off of event gold and silver, which can be obtained from events, giveaways, and promotions.
However, this game is no newcomer and has been built up to become quite a heavy hitter when it comes to features and depth. Heed the call for heroes in Lord of the Rings Online and start your adventure in this classic MMORPG today. I'd like to offer some opinions on the game, but I haven't seen it in action yet so I really can't.
The new update features brand new raids, cities, and maps for players to explore and enjoy. Consequence plays a real part in Perfect World, and the player may find himself predisposed for the good or evil alignment. However due to the fact that this stupid class is gender locked, many idiotic players assume that you are a male. BUT because some idiots were mad because their guild lost, my channel would get bashed because the guild I was in was winning. It is beautifully designed and offers a variety of features from in-game offers to limitless character creations. Along with the customization feature you are given numerous classes for each race a€“ a total of eight playable classes.
Most of them are our favorites and we suggest you give these a try and let us know which one is your favorite. One of the most noticeable features in the game ita€™s the character creation, in which we will talk about more. When you are in an intense fight you will see the spell effects and impressive detailed waterfalls in the background. Unlike other MMORPGs leveling up is almost impossible, but I mean who doesna€™t love a great challenge. Featuring a full 3-Dimensional environment with excellent environmental effects, graphics and gameplay, it is set to bring online gaming to the next level. With a diverse array of beautifully rendered NPCs and monsters throughout the world of Perfect World, exploring the environment always yields something new and exciting. Change the look of your character in any way you want, from hairstyles to facial features and even your character’s make-up. A Seeker is a two-handed or dual wielding earthguard class that strives to strike a balance between the arcane and martial arts as they utilize both metal elemental spells and physical melee attacks. At the bottom of the window you will see quest options if they have a colored flag over their head. To slot new active skills into the Action Bar, simply drag and drop a skill icon on to the slot of your choice. Be careful with items that are bind on equip, as once an item is bound to you, it will be difficult to impossible to unbind it.
As you level up, you will be surprised at how much is just waiting for you to dive into and explore! Each wraith in the world has a different element type which responds differently when attacked based on the attack's elemental properties. You will also gain more character attribute points, 5 per level, to be distributed amongst the 4 main attributes of PWI. Deciding on the path your character is going to take skill-wise will be the defining feature of your character for many levels to come.
Everyone starts off as spiritual initiates and can choose to begin on their path towards being either a Sage or Demon at Lv9. This boutique is updated weekly with special deals on a wide variety of items such as fashion clothing and fashion weapons. At the auction house, players may trade gold for coins, allowing the acquisition of gold without spending a single dollar. This boutique carries less items, but still has great value as event gold can only be acquired in-game.
Featuring millions of registered users and several expansion packs, this is one of the most played free MMO games to date.
Regular and interesting game events such as treasure hunts, horse racing and more punctuate the game world and reward players with unique items.
Anyone that STILL plays this that says anything positive is likely getting paid, addicted or simply too blind to see that they are addicted to this stupid low class game.
People (actual humans) jumping on alts to harrass the other simply because your character is in a competting guild to endless reasons.
If you have lots of time on your hands you can rest assured that you will spend not minutes or second customize your character but hours. If youa€™re a enthusiastic game player you would appreciate great graphics along with a great challenge.
Some may just back out or quit due to the fact they cana€™t level up and feel unappreciated because of their victory.
Sheomay, the PWI guide, will help you on your journey with useful tips and instructions.

Each class can be said to benefit from specific attributes based on their design, however, even within this there is room for customization towards your own preferences of play. You can also find a bunch of utlity items such as the Geographic Map which gives you every teleport location (every town has one), inventory expansion stones which expand your inventory, or charms that restores mana or health as it hits a certain threshold. Due to the game engine that it uses, it makes a lot of things, including interactions with the characters, npcs and story engagment very limited.
Some even went as far as bashing the fact that I was editing my videos fucking well…what the fuck dude? Ia€™ve seen vidoes were someone is using cheat engines speed hack and they come out and say a€?dona€™t turn up the speed boost to high or you will crash the server as I just dida€?.
So, despite of the fact that I see someone has asked this question just back in July, I’ll ask it again. If want to be original and unique in Perfect World customizing your character will be beneficial.
If you are bored of listening to the repetitive game-play you can tune into the internet radio which will boost up your energy and focus. There are items in the PW Boutique that can reset your points, allowing you to optimize your build as you master your class. A detailed mount system offers a large selection, including flying mounts and the ability to transport other players.
I want things to be the older way where you dont need to down load these or have a option for it ..
The abilities in the customize menu are endless with different options and different color radiant you can change your character from black to pink or any of your favorite colors.
As you continue your journey through the Perfect World you will see a detailed map with beautifully designed terrain which is clearly visible. Guilds can be formed and fight for control of various territories, with battles of up to 80 vs. I was under the impression that when you got the Steam client that you would have a universal user name and password for all the games ….
I am NOT joking people – and there are others like him that also act EXTREMELY immature and harass other people. You will also notice you can tag your favorite locations which is very useful if you are actively involved. This feature will probably change other game publishers mind set on maybe implementing this feature on their games. Overall the Perfect World is a fun and free to play MMORPG with great customization abilities and impressive gameplay graphics.
PWE specializes in creating online MMO's for the Asian market and is well on the way to capturing a significant chunk of the North American market as well. Pan Gu, the first god of the universe, got sick of his solitary omnipotence and created a world out of his own essential elements: fire, metal, wood, earth, and water.
He scrapped that world and tried again, this time creating a world full of Humans, Winged Elves and a feral race called the Untamed. The new land was immediately beset by faction wars and worse yet, attacked by shadowy wraiths leftover from the old one. We join our program already in progress, when the three good races have forged an uneasy alliance in the interest of preserving this "Perfect" World. Humans and Elves are fairly standard fantasy issue but the Untamed are an unusual race of half-animal humanoids. Males are actually more than half animal and can't be customized much; they're like tigers, wolves, pandas and lions on two legs. As expected, a perfect world is full of perfect characters and Perfect World has some of the most attractive characters out there. That said, the first thing I did after imagining an entire world full of Brads and Angelinas was use the considerable customization options to make the ugliest character possible. With so many facial feature, color and hair choices (even a whole slew of advanced settings that adjust every angle of the face) you can create extremely distinct-looking characters.
Each starting city has its own distinct style and is surrounded by woods, lakes, deserts; every kind of terrain you can imagine is there and all of it's beautiful. The colorful, cartoonish style is reminiscent of World of Warcraft but has a unique style of its own based on Chinese aesthetics. I really enjoyed the visual effects as well, from the sparkly effect surrounding the Winged Elves as they fly to the churning venom pool generated by my magic attacks, they're impressive.
Many of them sound strangely inappropriate, most obviously the wood floor sound your character's footsteps make when running on any kind of terrain.
Humans can only be Blademasters or Wizards, Winged Elves can only be Clerics or Archers and Untamed can only be Barbarians or Venomancers. The first five classes play very much as you'd expect them to while Venomancers, with their use of poisons, talent for taming pets and the ability to take on animal forms play something like a Warlock, Hunter and Shaman all rolled into one. For Humans it's the mountain city of Etherblade, for Elves it's the woodland City of Plume and for Untamed, the desolate City of the Lost.
All areas function in the same way so don't worry about missing something if you choose one race over another. Having tried them all, I found the starting quests for all the races to be nearly identical.
For the most part, the starting quests do a good job of acquainting you with the game's mechanics. As mentioned before, the fiction in Perfect World is based on Chinese myth and legend and those of you who take the time to read the quest text will enjoy it.
Unfortunately, this rich literary tradition isn't used imaginatively enough and an annoyingly high percentage of quests are of the "kill thirty of this, kill twenty of that" variety. Perhaps end game quests are better but through level 20 the quests are uncomfortably grindy. Actually, since they're often given piecemeal and in sequence they seem designed to run your legs off. Who likes running for five minutes, spending twenty minutes killing thirty of something then running for five minutes back to the quest NPC only to be told that you have to run back to the same area again and kill thirty of something else? It's lazy quest design and worst of all, rewards for this brand of quest are seemingly arbitrary and you often get no experience for doing them.
You'll see the usual wolves, minotaurs and harpies but I'm still having nightmares about the hulking monstrosities, the cacti that look like prickly mammaries and the supernatural flame beings that cackle at you like Satan himself. Monsters vary in that even within the same creature type they can have different attributes. This allows you to pick off the weak ones or prepare before taking on the ones with added defense or an increased attack.
The differences are many but what the various mobs do have in common is a strange reluctance to aggro. You can attack and kill one creature right next to another and 90% of the time, the untargeted one won't bat an eye.
And for once, soloing might be an advantage because the Perfect World design team chose to adopt a very old-school attitude toward tagging kills—you can't. Anyone can attack anything at any time and whoever does the most damage to the creature gets to loot it. Then again, players in Perfect World are pretty cavalier about loot and leave it lying everywhere.

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