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3Mb Password Generator is an easy-to-use app specially produced for computers running Windows 8, 8.1 and 10, which facilitates a user-friendly interface for creating random and secure passwords based on the rules you specify. Therefore, you can increase the security level of your keys when protecting important information like email accounts, wireless connections, documents or pictures.
The lightweight software package can be quickly downloaded from the Microsoft Store and seamlessly blended with the Start Screen of Windows 8 and 8.1, along with the Start Menu of Windows 10. It launches a large window with a flat look and purple background, where you can view the list of password conditions and configure settings regarding the key length (number of characters) and type of characters to include or exclude (numbers, upper and lower case letters, symbols). Only one password can be generated at a time and added to a vault containing many keys used for various purposes. The keys can be hidden under asterisks or made visible, and you can also check out the date of last modification.
The program was light on system resources in our tests, needing little CPU and memory to work properly.
Easy Password Generator: Lite is a small-sized application that enables you to generate random and secure passwords by specifying rules, in order to come up with strong keys to protect important information, such as email accounts, documents, photos, and wireless network connections. The interface is user-friendly, represented by a large window with a flat appearance and clear-cut structure, showing all options put at your disposal.

When it comes to the password complexity, you can set the key length to a value ranging from 1 to 104 characters, as well as include or exclude uppercase and lowercase characters, numbers, and symbols. The new key can be generated with the click of a button and just as easily copied to the Clipboard. To sum it up, Easy Password Generator: Lite comes packed with straightforward options for generating random and secure passwords. Username-Password Generator for Windows 8 is an easy to use application that will make it possible for you to make personalized pairs for logins on various services. All you have to do is choose the desired username and password parameters and pressing the corresponding button you will get the necessary data instantly.
Moreover, it's possible to copy a password to the Clipboard as well as to manage the vault with entries about the display name and user name of each password.
Any entry can be removed from the vault if you change your mind, or the entire database can be cleared to restart everything from scratch.
This way, you don't have to depend on multiple panes to locate and tinker with settings. Unfortunately, it doesn't implement features for generating two or more keys at the same time.

Passwords were instantly generated, even with maximized settings (104 characters with all types of characters). It's geared toward all types of users, even the ones less experienced with such software.
Too bad that 3Mb Password Generator doesn't contain features for generating many passwords at the same time. Therefore, you can only create one password at a time, which may be inconvenient for users looking to generate lists with numerous keys.
On the other hand, it's practical and easy to use, even by those with minimum experience in such software.

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