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Our conclusion is that Lobelia should not be experimented with lightly – and should only be used under the careful supervision and recommendation of a qualified, expert herbalist. Licorice is a herb that is commonly suggested as a supplement for people attempting to give up smoking. Saunas are another thing that is often suggested for people quitting smoking (and other drugs).
Please note – as with other pages on this site, this article is not medical advice nor to be considered a substitute for professional medical evaluation or treatment.
Thank God I never caught the habit of smoking, I tried when I was younger but I hated the smell it left my breath, clothes. This is the place to discuss health-related topics, like diet, exercise & women's health issues.
Cold weather is starting to kick in this Fall or Autumn season and changing weather can affects our health condition especially that we have transition of weather from warm to cold.
Medicine nowadays are very expensive, we cannot afford to get sick and it is also not fun being sick. This information is widely repeated – however after much searching (Pubmed, Wikipedia, Google) I have not been able to locate the original source of this claim.

Due to its biological similarity to tobacco, it has been included in several proprietary anti-smoking products as a nicotine replacement.
The Food and Drug Administration no longer permits it to be marketed in the United States, although Health Canada has recently licensed a cessation aid containing lobeline. It is also cooling to the respiratory system – so for all these reasons it may be of value to those giving up smoking. Natives of the West Indies have traditionally chewed on licorice sticks when attempting to give up smoking and it is claimed that it has helped them.
The theory behind this is that the heat of the sauna leads to a more intense sweat than normal, which causes detoxification as the body sweats out the toxins faster and more strongly. They said that chicken soup has been called as nature’s penicillin and it was known to be the top of the list for its healing and curative powers.
The fragrant bulb of garlic contains a natural flavoring agent called alliin that acts as decongestant, that is why garlic are known to be natural prevention for cold symptoms. We would rather eat our fresh fruit and vegetables to keep us away from sickness and diseases.
It may therefore have potential to elevate mood and assist during withdrawal symptoms, thus alleviating cravings.

It does not appear to have its basis in scientific study, however it may have some basis in reports of individual experimentation.
There are natural foods that can help us from preventing to get these common colds that are spreading around during this fall season. You can get vitamin C with potatoes, strawberries, pineapple and green pepper this would be a good food that prevents you from getting common cold. Like drinking orange juice for breakfast, add tangerine slices to in your lunchtime salad, you can have a half of grapefruit in your snack or whatever citrus fruits available that can help increase your vitamin c.
We have natural foods available that would prevent us from having it especially during colder weather we have to boost it with, to prevent us from having common cold. Cayenne is generally considered to have numerous health benefits, and so the inclusion of it in the diet may well be beneficial anyway. John’s Wort can interact seriously with a variety of prescription medications and so is typically recommended by physicians to be avoided by those using prescription meds.

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