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To no surprise, when they launched their Kickstarter project back in 2014, they surpassed their $50,000 goal in just 11 minutes and in total they raised over $3.4 million to get their project funded.
Despite the overall small print size, I found it impressive how little space the printer took up. Although there is that space under the print bed with a tube connecting it to the extruder, it’s actually recommended you use the external feed port. There are two ways that you can use printer ink, or filament as they call it, with the M3D Printer. M3D has made it really easy to know what to do with their ink, or more properly, filament, and what color you’re using. The filament cartridges cost $13 each for PLA filaments or $18 each for Chameleon Filament(color changing PLA filament) cartridges.
When I got my M3D Printer I was also supplied a thumb drive as I mentioned above which contained a couple of files that you can load up really quick with the M3D software and get to printing your very first print. Once you get the file loaded, which is as simple as opening any file in a graphics editor or word processing app or whatever. Within the software before you actually begin to print, you can make changes to how the object gets printed. After having access to the 3D printer for a couple of weeks, I printed several different things.
I also printed some Batman stuff, a couple of which didn’t come out right at all to a point that I ended up having to throw them away. They are a small company who recently put their 3D printer onto a Kickstarter project to raise money to fund it.

Now, with all of that out of the way, and hopefully with your interest peaked a bit, let’s get to the review.
It’s built to make the most effective use of the space as possible, even down to a discreetly hidden area under the print bed for a filament spool to be seated.
There’s no spool holder when used externally, but M3D do provide a 3D model of one that you can print out. I elected to go for the robot print since, well you know, robots are just cool and awesome.
Once the file is loaded, then you can change the size of the printed object if you’d like.
Not sure if that was my fault, the printers fault or the file in which it was being printed from.
Other than the ankh, which only took about 4 hours to print, everything else took at least 20 hours to print due to size and that I used the option for full fill to make them more solid as well as a high as possible print quality. I'm an avid Linux user, that's addicted to music, electronics, the internet, computers, Android, iOS and everything tech related!
Inside information on how to start printing in 3D, where to buy Printers, how to use them, and the newest Pictures and reviews of available 3D Printers.
I was anxious to see how it all comes together in the end to make whatever object it is you’re making. The thing they wanted to use to attract users the most was that it was a 3D printer that was under $200 – $350 in price. All it takes is a couple of minutes to get the filament fed all the way into the tube and up to the printer head, a couple of clicks on some buttons in the M3D software and then you’ll be ready to print.

This is very handy so you don’t have to guess or try and decipher certain color names or whatever.
Depending on what it is you’re printing will depend on how big you can print it, within limits of the 3D printer size of course.
Again, just depends on the detail of what it is you’re printing and the print options you choose. My fiancee, Bianca, wanted me to print her a SpongeBob so I went and found one and had it completely printed in about 32 hours. Then I printed a small ankh(Egyptian symbol of eternal life) and a couple of other small things. You can grab one for yourself via the link below and of course let us know in the comments below if you already have one what you think of yours and what kind of cool and kick ass things you’ve 3D printed. With the Micro, you know exactly what you need to print first, and it feels like quite the achievement to have printed a spool holder; something useful that you can point at and justify your extravagant purchase.
In my opinion, this is a pretty good deal because you would think that with as cheap as the M3D 3D Printer is that you’d probably have to spend a decent amount of money to help cover the low cost of the printer. Not only for the 3D printer itself, but for the supplies that you need, such as various filaments, to actually print something. However, I chose to go with a little tiny robot which had a print file on the USB thumb drive they supplied with the printer.

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