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The Marel CheckBin Grader is designed to meet demands for highly accurate net-weight grading and packing equipment. The CheckBin Grader significantly reduces overpack by using weighing bins that constantly monitor the batch weight for confirmation or corrections. Weighing in the bin means that each collecting bin on the discharge includes a precision scale. Discharge units in this category are equipped with either 225 mm (B225) or 300 mm (B300) wide belt and specialized weighing bins. Batching system for accurate fixed-weight batches of fresh and frozen food products, with reduced giveaway.

As Multihead Weighers batch raw material and create packs based on target weight, the Innova Multihead module contr.. Standalone solution for small operations or larger companies requiring a machine to handle temporary or seasonal ov..
Marel is the leading global provider of advanced equipment, systems and services to the fish, meat and poultry industries. This robust and sophisticated system uses intelligent batching to produce accurate batches for packing.
The scale will feed back the actual weight in the bin to the main weight grader computer, which will adjust the accumulated piece weight accordingly, thus eliminating accumulation error.

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