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With over 7 million images and real time event coverage from coast to coast, ImageCollect is the only celebrity photo site you'll ever need. Williams is walking in support of 14-year-old Michael Higgins of South Glens Falls, who has been selected as the 2012 Youth Honoree by the Arthritis Foundation.
Known as Higgy to his friends and family, Michael was diagnosed at age eight with both juvenile diabetes and juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.  While many RA sufferers have flare-ups, Michael’s pain never subsides and his body show irreversible damage that is typically seen in someone who has suffered for 20 or more years.
Today, vets know with a great deal of certainty if a purebred dog is at risk of developing a genetic disorder.

The endocrine system produces hormones that have a wide-ranging effect on the dog’s body and brain.
A quick way to find out more information and to be better equipped for the possibility of one of these conditions is to have your dog’s DNA tested. These tests can tell owners and their vets if a mixed breed dog has a parent or grandparent that was a purebred. Most of the time, owners of mixed breed dogs don’t know with any certainty if their dog has purebred parents or grandparents.

By knowing a dog’s purebred ancestry, a vet can then help determine if the dog is at risk of developing genetic disorders.

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