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On Linux, the $LANG system variable is now used when not able to locate a given dictionary in another way. Several bugs in our WebGL implementation have been fixed (and workarounds for some common driver bugs added).
Extra flexibility has been added to the Garbage Collector (GC): it could previously be applied on a single compartment or on all compartments. What's very surprising is that I took the above heap snapshot about 10m after the last API call finished. Based upon my express code, above, I'd expect the lifespan of the user object which is allocated to be only as long as the request takes to return.

The combination of both of these may be resulting in more objects being created on each call than necessary, and I bet those registered Mongoose models do not GC easily. In Parallels (TNG), in the opening segment, was Riker's response the first indication of the effects of the temporal anomaly? Is it sound project management practice to make software engineers fix bugs "off the clock"? So, those objects were all hanging around for long after the requests which triggered them to be allocated was finished! This will let it be launched in more cases in the future, leading to a finer control of memory and of GC pauses.

If the closure is out of scope the object will lose reference and will be GC'd unless nothing else is referencing it.

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