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I've been reading some progress blogs on here for quite a while and I think it's about time I introduce myself and my 106; I'm Mark, 24 and I'm from the Netherlands. Pugfest was nice btw, some really nice cars there and the run up the hill was great as well. There probably is less rain over here compared to Cornwall, but it can get quite cold as well in the winters. Thanks Haven't got any pictures straight from the rear at the moment, all I have is this photo: I'll make some more photo's if the set cleaned up.
After birthing four children she’s ready to take back her marriage bed and rescue her husband from the evil clutches of the couch.
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A definitive ranking stephen king movie, Stephen king is arguably the most prolific author of the last century.
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My newbie introductionthread was getting a bit too long, so it's about time for a build thread to keep you guys up to date on the progress on my Rallye.

Drove around like that for quite a while, but when my headgasket decided to give up it was time for some proper goodies. Unfortunately it didn't last long: the crankshaft was worn and the 16V ended up with a knackered bottom end. Then I modified my front bumper: made my licenceplate detachable and cut away al the plastic behind it. This winter I spotted some banded steelies (with wintertires) from a 205 for sale and decided to try them on my rallye. I always liked the look of my 15'' OZ superturismo's, but cleaning them is a nightmare so sold them anyway. Required some modification as the stock 23mm OZ spacers didn't fit on the rear axle (because of the brake drums instead of brake disks). I LOVE this car Prefer the banded steelies though as im not a fan of black wheels personally, the leggras may look better in white? Looks great and a well specc'd motor, not too keen on the OZ's, but I'll always be biased towards the steels! Just need some OZ spacers to make them fit on the rear (rubs really bad now, so can't drive it with the wheels on yet). Some of you may have seen it already on the Dutch rallyeforum, but I better start at the beginning, when I bought my rallye.

I saw some rallyes from this forum with 16V engines and decided that I had to have a 16V as well. Yellow bulbs, gti gearknob, extra exhaustmount (as on a S2) for the pugsport, Bilstein B8 and -60mm springs. Luckily I found a set of black 16'' OZ superleggera's to replace them These will go on this spring. Like it captures some minimalist yet bling'd out to all hell, a dichotomy that makes your head pop. When I bought it, it could do with some TLC on the in- and outside, but the 1.3 engine ran just fine. Follow along with Jett and Eliza as they Find Time for each other and bring the spark back to their marriage. The striping was missing, paintwork could do with a polish and some ugly 14'' Peugeot rims where fitted. Although I had not much technical knowledge at the time, with the help of common sense, a Haynes manual and perseverance I managed to get it in and running.

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