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The Basenji is a hunting dog originating from central Africa, going back four thousand years. Basenji are small, sophisticated looking, short-haired dogs with erect ears, and a tightly curled tail.
Typically they develop a very strong bond with their primary human companion, and they require a firm hand and consistency in training to ensure their dominance is managed.
During the 19th century, small, white Spitz-type dogs were found in communities of German immigrants in the US. In late 19th-century US, the American Eskimo Dog was popular for use in trick-dog acts in the many traveling circuses. Believed to have evolved in Switzerland around 700 years ago, the American Eskimo dog breed is a member of the Spitz family or Nordic bred. Whata€™s great about this breed is that it comes in three size varieties: the toy, miniature and the standard. Available in three sizes a€“ toy, miniature and standard a€“ the American Eskimo Dog varies in weight.
American Eskimo Dogs need companionship, and if left alone, can develop separation anxiety.
You may not be part of the circus, but your American Eskimo dog will need plenty of exercise and play time to keep it healthy and happy. The American Eskimo Toy and Miniature sizes can live in an apartment setting, but Standard-sized dogs will be best suited for families with fenced-in yards and plenty of room to run. The American Kennel Association says this about the breed: a€?A small to medium-size Nordic-type dog, the American Eskimo Dog is known for its bright white coat, jet black points (lips, nose and eye rims) and erect triangular ears.
With all that fur, youa€™ll have to brush your dog regularly, and go over it on occasion with a shedding blade. You need to find a family to care of your dog - we've put together some tips for rehoming a dog. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. One of the earliest accounts of the breed where they were given as presents to the Pharaohs of ancient Egypt. The forehead is wrinkled, particularly when the animal is young or extremely old, and the eyes are almond shaped.
On a mission to make pet sites more interesting and, hopefully, put a smile on people's faces along the way. It also has a high intelligence and is devoted to its owner and family. These dogs were descendants of white German Spitz, white Keeshonden or large white Pomeranians that came over from Europe with the immigrants.

Thanks to its brilliant white coat, innate intelligence, trainability and amazing agility, the American Eskimo Dog was soon charming audiences everywhere. It most likely descended from the European Spitzes, which include the white German Spitz, the white Keeshound, the white Pomeranian and the Volpino Italiano (white Italian Spitz). Make sure your dog receives enough exercise and activities to keep it busy to prevent this problem. The Eskie can become overweight easily, so youa€™ll need to ensure your dog is fed a proper diet and given plenty of exercise for optimal well-being. Children will help keep your American Eskimo Dog busy, but watch smaller kids around this breed, as the dog can be rambunctious.
Although once used as a circus dog, they are primarily companion dogs today and participate in conformation, obedience and agility competitions.a€? The AKC first recognized this breed in 1994. The American Eskimo Dog sheds year-round, and once or twice a year it will a€?blowa€? its coat. With the smaller toy and miniature sized dog, you should watch the puppies around children. The breed was first introduced in England in 1937, and the first litter of Basenji puppies raised to maturity in America was in 1941.
The Basenji is recognized in the standard colours of red, black, tricolor (black with tan in the traditional pattern), and brindle (black stripes on a background of red), all with white. The American Eskimo Dog began its rise to fame in the late 19th century, as it came to be known as the American Spitz, as was bred to guard people and property, as well as to be a multi-purpose working dog on farms. Since these circuses made stops all over the country, the Eskie became a crowd favorite and a popular choice for households.
While some Eskiea€™s have a strong stomach and can eat a variety of foods, others have a delicate tummy. Youa€™ll need to take the leadership role fast, because when this breed senses it can take control over the situation, it will take it. If you dona€™t give your Eskie something to keep it occupied, it will find a destructive way to entertain itself. The breed sheds very little hair and is therefore a good choice for people that suffer with allergies. A Known as the American Spitz until 1917, this breeda€™s name was changed to the American Eskimo, even though it has no origin or connection to Eskimo culture).
These dogs can be allergic to some foods, including salmon.A  As well, some veterinarians have advised against giving your American Eskimo Dog raw hide chews.
And its name is a dead giveaway a€“ the Eskimo Dog will frolic in the snow, which makes it a wonder choice for colder climates.
You cana€™t train the barking out of the Eskie, but you can teach them a stop barking command.

They are usually very good with older children and other dogs if raised with them, and are very cautious around strangers, (dog or human). If there are other pets in the home, the Canaan dog will get along with them once it gets to know them.
Compactly built and well balanced, youa€™ll find this breed to be alert and friendly, although it tends to be slightly conservative toward strangers.
As a breed they are extremely playful, curious and energetic with enough personality to keep you well entertained. When it is introduced with strange human beings that it does not recognize, however, it tends to be aloof and will become very territorial and protective of its family.
Once youa€™ve completed basic training, be sure to enroll your dog in more advanced courses a€“ it will help to stimulate your doga€™s mind.
There are really no trending minor or major concerns when dealing with this breed. There is also no trending condition that tends to be occasionally seen. However, with most dogs, it can develop any type of issue, especially with age, which is why it is so important to ensure your Canaan is taken to the vet regularly for tests to be run to ensure it stays healthy. When the Israelites were run off of their homeland, Kelev Kanani, most of the Israeli dogs were left to survive on their own. The Romans chased out the Israelites over 2000 years ago and that is how long this breed has managed to hang on.
The Bedouins kidnapped male puppies and used them to guard their herds of animals. In the 1930s, traditional European breeds were unable to complete tasks due to the harsh climates. Of all the people that may have helped the Canaan along the way, one woman, Dr. She led a search for a better suited dog to withstand harsh climates and perform the tasks needed. Some Canaana€™s were captured and they proved their ability to everybody serving as sentry dogs, messengers, mine detectors, and guard dogs. They even served as seeing eye dog for blinded World War veterans.

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