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Only time will tell whether or not Big Brother 16 houseguest Devin and his crazy antics will make him one of the best or worst players in the reality competition's history. To play Big Brother, you need an alliance member that has a healthy dose of skepticism, but Devin is so distrustful of the other houseguests, it has caused him to take unnecessary risks. Out of all of the houseguests this season, Devin just seems to always find his way into an argument, be it with Joey, his supposed bro Caleb, or Zach.
As a former pro baseball player and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson lookalike, it's no surprise that Devin kicks ass at challenges.
Devin took charge of "The Bomb Squad" alliance in its very first week by enlisting Christine and Amber as its only female members without consulting the rest of the group. Zach is in danger of going home this week, thanks to Devin, and that means "Zankie," everyone's favorite showmance, may also soon come to an end. GBF’s current donors include NBA player Yao Ming (whose foundation strives to improve the lives of children in the US and China with an emphasis on providing educational opportunities), NFL quarterback Ben Roethlisberger (supporting K-9 units of police and fire departments), and actor Maria Bello (whose foundation seeks to advance the health, safety, and well being of women throughout Haiti). Nonprofits which want to try to tap into celebrity philanthropic dollars can check out the various funds on the GBF website. Resources created and curated to support the growth of impact investing, for those new to the field and for experienced practitioners. GBF delivers a distinctive blend of investment capital and business advisory services through two main vehicles working together: a private investment fund and a non-profit organization. Investment Thesis:The businesses that GBF supports are for-profit companies that are founded and managed with a specific social mission in mind a€“ providing sustainable economic opportunities and basic affordable services to people with low incomes. Novica is a crafts company that connects over 17,000 artisans in developing nations with global consumer markets.
Harold Rosen – Chief Executive Officer More InfoIn May 2004, Harold founded IFC's Grassroots Business Initiative (GBI), which he managed until 2008, when it was restructured and spun off to become the Grassroots Business Fund (GBF). Jaime Ramirez – Chief Investment Officer More InfoIn 2008, Jaime Ramirez joined as part of the founding team of the Grassroots Business Fund (GBF). Alycia Kellman – Vice President of Legal & Compliance More InfoAlycia Kellman joined GBF in 2009. Rebekah McKnight – Vice President of Finance and Administration More InfoRebekah, GBF's VP Finance & Admin, joined GBF in July 2008. Impact investments are investments made into organizations and funds that generate measurable social and environmental impact as well as financial returns.
One thing is for sure: Devin is getting noticed, by his fellow houseguests and Big Brother fans alike, for his physical prowess, interesting strategic moves, and interactions with the other houseguests.
His knack for winning the HoH and Power of Veto competitions and manipulating the outcome of the Battle of the Block has ensured his safety for this week. Here's six reasons why the other houseguests should evict him the second they get the chance.

Remember when he tried to get little old Donny evicted because he thought he was really a super military ninja spy outside of the house, or something like that?
He quickly turned on his first alliance partner, Donny, to join the much larger and potentially stronger "Bomb Squad." He went back on his word to keep Paola safe this week if she threw the Battle of the Block by using the Power of Veto to save Brittany.
It's not only unpleasant to be around someone who causes so much conflict, but it also hurts your game to be associated with him or her.
Winning both the HoH and Power of Veto competitions this week only solidifies Devin's status as a threat in the house.
He's also shown this week how he can be gunning for a houseguest one minute and saving her the next.
Klingensmith, a friend of Marc’s from his college days at the University of Chicago, and the Star Trib’s President and Publisher, sits on the GBF board.  And GBF partners with local star-studded organization, the Starkey Hearing Foundation, on various projects.
However, cautionary note: very few unsolicited proposals are accepted, according to the website. Through the fund, GBF makes equity, mezzanine equity, mezzanine debt, and straight debt investments.
These enterprises are poised for growth but, due to a myriad of social, political, and economic constraints, often face limited access to long-term financing and targeted capacity building.
Novica's e-commerce platform highlights the impact consumers have when purchasing their goods, encouraging socially responsible consumerism.
Prior to his work with GBI and GBF, Harold worked at with the World Bank Group for over 30 years.
Jaime is responsible for supervising the investment portfolio for the Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), Asia regions, and Africa. As Vice President of Legal & Compliance, she provides legal support for the entire scope of GBF activities.
In this capacity, she works with the operations team on financial management, office coordination (both HQ and field) and IT. Grassroots Business Fund prefers to work with companies that directly impact between 500 and 2000 individuals, with potential to increase and scale social impact over the course of the investment. But we've gone through too many seasons of Big Brother to know that when you get noticed, you often go home.
Keeping your sanity in the Big Brother house is hard enough without your alliance partner always in your ear about who's coming to get you.
If the other houseguests want any chance of winning future competitions, and the whole game itself, it's best if Devin isn't there to compete against them. The numbers next to each filter represent the number of results available given your current selection. Consequently, they struggle to develop the efficient, well managed, financially-sustainable business operations needed to gain support from more commercial investors.

Harold has helped IFC move into a number of new approaches, geographic markets, products and services.
Jaime has over 10 years experience in operations consulting and investment in developing countries and has helped develop GBF's operations, standards and initiatives. She helps to structure investment transactions and drafts all investment, grant, consulting, and cooperation agreements to implement GBF deals.
Rebekah is also part of the BAS team where she is responsible for grant administration, development and evaluation of the program, learning and knowledge sharing. And he's very good at shedding a few tears to earn sympathy from the house just when he needs it most.
Remember when Devin said he would turn over a new leaf and play an honest game after winning HoH this week? The fund delivers a form of capital suitable for long-term investment in businesses servicing low income communities. GBF's aim is to grow, improve, and transition these enterprises, making it possible for them to scale to the point where they can adequately engage the private sector as financially sustainable companies. Grassroots Business Fund provided Novica with investment capital and business advisory services to expand its global network of artisans to new countries, open a regional officein Guatemala, and provide business development services to their artisans. He became familiar with high impact businesses as a business associate for Gone Rural in the Kingdom of Swaziland, where he supported the management team through an assignment with MBAs Without Borders. Prior to this role, Rebekah served at GBF as Operations Officer, and concurrently as SME Export Facility Portfolio Analyst and Operations Assistant. While Devin's actions at first seemed like they would sabotage his game, it now looks like Devin is the most powerful player in the house.
In tandem, GBF's non-profit provides business advisory services to clients in the fund.
GBF strives to ensure that investees are in compliance with all relevant local, national and international social and environmental requirements.
GBF's staff, expert consultants, and local service providers focus on enhancing financial and strategic planning, corporate governance, environmental and human resource management, marketing, supply chain management, and management information systems (MIS).
If a portfolio company is not, a plan is put in place for it to reach full compliance in an agreed upon time period. Director for the Institute for Democracy in Africa (IDASA), a South African nonprofit that ran democracy and governance programs in over twenty countries on the African continent. Alycia consulted for FINCA International on microfinance regulatory issues in Amman, Jordan and worked as an international project finance attorney at Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP.

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