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Despite the possible economic landmines that could be waiting for China, it is still impressive how fast this all happened. China now has the second-largest economy by a wide margin, but before the 1990s the country did not even crack the top 10.
The following three animated charts from data visualization whiz-kid Aron Strandberg help to tell the story of the rise of China – and how India is projected to follow in those same footsteps.
By the year 2030, it is projected that China and India will both be in the top three economies by real GDP. European economies such as France, Italy, and Spain also begin to slow in their pace of growth as the European Debt Crisis, demographics, and other factors start to weigh on them in the late 2000s. Here’s another look at the top 10, this time with a focus on the share of the global economy that each country will have.

Japan’s share of the world economy drops like a rock – and the same goes for countries like Italy and France, which also fall down the list. The love for Pokemon Go isn’t lost on this InvestorPlace writer, despite the fact that some people have concerns over the data it collects. Press your menu button and find the option to bookmark this page (a star icon for some browsers). A May 2 article by Politico’s Ken Vogel and Isaac Arnsdorf ? “Clinton fundraising leaves little for state parties” ? has come under scrutiny since WikiLeaks published over 19,000 internal DNC emails on Friday.
In an April 29 email thread, DNC national press secretary Mark Paustenbach shared Vogel’s detailed questions with others working to coordinate a response to what would be an unflattering story about fundraising efforts. This chart really shows the effects of this aforementioned stagnation in Japan, as well as the slowing growth in Europe.

Paustenbach also spoke to the Clinton campaign that day in preparing the DNC’s pushback, according to the emails. Further, economic interests have helped to create a precarious situation in the South China Sea, which many experts see as having escalating potential for armed conflict.

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