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But many people with Diabetes are not aware that uncontrolled blood sugar can lead to problems relating to their oral health. There’s a correlation between high blood glucose levels and an increased risk of gum disease.
In addition, the areas around the teeth become populated with bacteria (and subsequent infections) and this in turn leads to an increase in blood sugar. Fact: Diabetics are more susceptible to bacterial infections and a decreased ability to fight bacteria that enter the gums. This all comes back to our overall Wellness and how we all need to work on every aspect of ourselves…our mind, body and soul.
Type 1 Diabetics cannot produce their own insulin because their body has destroyed the insulin-producing beta cells in the pancreas. Type 2 Diabetics have differing issues with insulin rather than the inability to create it in general.
Excessive thirst,  increased tiredness and fatigue,  numbness,  increased urination,  extreme hunger,  unusual weight loss,  irritated gums,  slow healing cuts or bruises,  blurry vision,  itchy & dry skin,  increased irritability.
Those with Diabetes are also at an increased risk for kidney disease, stroke, heart attack and blindness. If you or someone you know has any of these signs or symptoms, please let your health care provider know. This entry was posted in about diabetes, diabetes advocacy, what is diabetes and tagged diabetes signs, diabetes symptoms, signs and symptoms, signs of diabetes, symptoms of diabetes. There are several symptoms that you should know so that you will be aware if you are having this chronic skin disease. Whenever you are experiences most of these symptoms or even just some, it is best to visit a dermatologist.

Aside from the mentioned information above, this skin problem will show like a rash and it will affect the abdomen, legs, back, arms, and chest. Please download the latest version of the Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, or Windows Internet Explorer browser. If your blood sugar levels are not controlled, then this can lead to such systemic disorders as heart disease, stroke and kidney disease. And not only do the gums become infected, but we also tend to lose the bone that is holding onto the roots of the teeth. Infections lead to an increase in blood sugar and this makes the diabetes harder to control…again…a vicious circle.
The importance of this month revolves around spreading awareness, funds and support for those who are dealing with the daily burdens that come with this disease. When the body destroys vital components needed to carry out important functions, it is classified as a autoimmune disease.  More often than not, Type 1 Diabetics have developed the autoimmune disease before the age of 40. Those who have Type 2 Diabetes either lack to the ability to create enough insulin, or the insulin that is being produced isn’t working properly. To ensure accurate carbohydrate counting, it is very wise to invest in measuring cups and a kitchen scale as well for meal planning and general cooking. Even if you have been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes or were born with Type 1, this disease is not something you have to have completely take over your life.
Dickinson’s conversational writing style allows the reader to gain valuable information that is both easy to understand and profoundly useful. You should be aware that whenever you delay the treatment for this skin condition, it becomes severe and symptoms are severe also.
However, there are some individuals who are experiencing this and they age from 10-35 years old.

The only thing is, you need to have it moderately since over doing it will result to sunburn. People with Diabetes can eat a variety of foods in moderation as long as the carbohydrate content is calculated into their meal plans. By being educated about your health & actively listening to what your body is telling you, you can live a long, happy & healthy life!
You may have heard of the skin problem rosacea but you are not fully aware what causes it and its symptoms.
This chronic skin problem can cause you to become blind which you definitely don’t want to happen.
Those with Type 1 Diabetes need to regularly intake insulin via insulin pumps, insulin therapies, etc.
In most cases, Type 2 Diabetes is developed in those who are either overweight and unfit, or have underlying health problems that prevent active and healthy lifestyles. In fact, type 2 diabetes is often detected on a routine blood draw, for instance, as part of a life insurance physical. Kids (and even adults, sometimes) with undiagnosed type 1 diabetes may wet their bed (another sign). If left undetected, people with type 2 sometimes get complications including dental problems, foot problems, sores that don’t heal, and infections. Fair skinned people would always complain about this type of skin problem and there are millions of them who are suffering from it.

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