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HBOT can be used successfully in hypoxic or ischemic wounds such as diabetic wounds,venous static ulcers, failing flaps and grafts, refractory osteomylitis and necrotising soft tissue infections.
Patients are quickly connected to the resources needed by our professional and caring staff. CAHN provides healthcare services to insured, uninsured, Medicaid and Medicare patients with dignity and respect. The Daily Planet is a Community Healthcare Center providing team-based integrated healthcare. CrossOver Healthcare Ministry provides quality and compassionate health care to the uninsured in the greater Richmond Metropolitan area. The VCC Program provides access to affordable health care for uninsured individuals living in the Greater Richmond Metro and the Tri Cities areas. CommonHelp is the central, easy way to apply for and get help with assistance in Virginia. The Virginia Department of Social Services (VDSS) is a state supervised and locally administered social services system. Bon Secours Financial Assistance Program helps uninsured patients who do not qualify for government-sponsored health insurance and cannot afford to pay for their medical care.
Fan Free Clinic (FFC) provides quality health services, especially to those least served, in a compassionate and non-judgmental environment.
Simulations of Eye Disorders This page shows simulations of visual symptoms caused by a variety of eye disorders, from simple refractive error, to localized eye problems, to neurological problems. These sections are not intended to replace the professional examination and diagnosis by a physician, and they are presented here purely for informational purposes. Refractive errors are optical abnormalities in the eye that lead to improper focusing of images onto the retina.
In this myopic (nearsighted view) of the gardens at Maymont Park, the foreground is clear but the midrange and distance become progressively blurrier. Both distance and near are blurred, but the distance is relatively clear compared to the foreground.
Astigmatism is usually caused by the cornea not being perfectly round in all directions, leading to different parts of an image being blurred, depending upon the orientation of the astigmatism.

The "posterior subcapsular" type of cataract often affects younger individuals, and those with diabetes or on steroids. This demonstrates distortion typical of early neovascular ("wet") macular degeneration, with distortion of the retina. These images demonstrate how individuals with normal color vision, and abnormal color vision, might view this color vision test. This is a depiction of the visual phenomenon experienced by many before a migraine headache.
In Canada, there is an estimated 25% Canadians with diabetes who develop foot complications and 1 in 15 end up having a limb amputation during their lifetime. In wound healing, hypoxia delivers an insufficient supply of oxygen which prevents normal healing processes.
CrossOver offers a full continuum of health care services to the uninsured that includes: family medicine, primary care, obstetrics and pediatrics, podiatry, dental and vision care, mental health care, HIV diagnosis and treatment, and critical medications. You can also get information about health insurance options available through the Federal Marketplace. The Department is responsible for administering a variety of programs, including Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), Medicaid, Adoption, Child Care Assistance, Refugee Resettlement Services, and Child and Adult Protective Services. Insured patients may also qualify for assistance, depending on family income, family size and medical needs. All possible diagnoses and treatment options are not covered, and the information discussed should not be taken as a recommendation to self-diagnose and self-treat a condition.
Refractive errors are generally correctable by glasses, contact lenses, or refractive surgery. In this image of Capitol Square in Richmond, Virginia, the astigmatism is oriented vertically, thus there is selective blurring of vertical lines as shown in the photo. Note that in addition to the image being blurred, it is also dim and less colorful than the normal view.
There may be severe glare with this type of cataract, with halos and starbursts being visible from point sources of light.
Only an island of central vision remains, with some field of vision toward the outside left as well.

The area of jagged, zigzag lights are constantly in motion, flashing over a 15 to 30 minute time frame.
To enhance your browsing experience, please upgrade to a more current browser such as Firefox, Safari or update to The Latest Internet Explorer version. Oxygen is one of the most powerful and versatile agents available to the modern medical practitioner today. A misdiagnosed or improperly treated eye condition can result in a permanent loss of vision, or a permanent loss of function of the eye or visual system.
Thus, blurred vision due to refractive error alone does not cause an untreatable loss of vision (the eye is otherwise healthy). There is a reduction of sensitivity in the peripheral vision in the area shown within the dotted lines below. The blind spot cuts horizontally through the center of vision, an especially severe loss of vision. Sources could include diabetic retinopathy, retinal tears, vitreous detachment, and sickle cell retinopathy, among others.
This could occur with dysfunction of certain nerves controlling eye movement, or with thyroid related orbital problems. With mild color blindness (as is present in about 8% of males), the number may be misread as a "5", as shown in the middle.
The therapeutic use of oxygen under pressure has been used to assist in the healing of wounds for almost 40 years.
For more information on the optics of the eye and refractive error, go to Optics and Refractive Error.
This can include emergency room treatment, as well as treatment by a medical physician or eyecare provider.

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