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By keeping up with regular veterinary visits and at home check-ups for your pet, you are doing your part in helping to ensure they have a healthy and happy life. Cataracts – developing at 8-10 years of age, common age-related eye disorder in pets; look for a gray or bluish hue in the center of the eye. Glaucoma – increased pressure in the eye is another cause of blindness in pets – signs are rubbing of eyes, pressing head against objects, swollen appearance of eye, redness and irritation.
Gingivitis and periodontal disease – most common oral diseases, affecting over 40% of older pets.
Obesity – 15% above pet’s optimal weight, increasing the chances of developing diabetes, heart disease, arthritis and more weight related illnesses. Arthritis – look for limping, reluctance to walk or exercise, difficulty rising, decreased appetite and pain when leg(s) touched. In dogs – decreased stamina and activity levels, coughing (especially at night), difficulty breathing.
In cats – heart disease can be more difficult to diagnose due to the lack of clinical signs including difficulty breathing or coughing, vomiting and weight loss. Kidney and liver disease – from poor diet, environmental toxins, trauma and heredity; signs are increased thirst and urination, decreased appetite and vomiting. Hypothyroidism – common in middle aged and geriatric dogs, decreased level of thyroid function; sign include weight gain, changes in hair coat and decreased activity level. A diet designed for special needs of senior pet has; reduced fat and protein content, increased dietary fiber and reduced calories. Phobias, fears, house-soiling common in older pets; interaction and affection imperative with older pets, monitor for changes in behavior due to the risk of developing Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CDS), a form of senility or dementia.
If you notice any of these signs, or anything that just does not seem “right”, call your veterinarian. The main signs of hyperthyroidism are increased appetite with weight loss, increased drinking, and increased urination in an older cat.
Some cats can develop heart problems and high blood pressure as a side effect of hyperthyroidism. Once your cat is diagnosed with hyperthyroidism, no matter which treatment plan you choose, he will need to have periodic blood tests to check his thyroid hormone levels.
Adopting a kitten is an exciting time, but it’s also a time to make many important decisions. All that said, cat gum disease (periodontal disease) and cat oral health generally is very important.
Apparently, according to Banfield's Applied Research and Knowledge (BARK) team, 68% of cats and 78% of dogs age 3 and older have oral disease.
With it being so prevalent in domestic animals I wonder why it is not spoken of in relation to wild cats. Periodontal disease can also affect the functioning of a cat's heart, kidney and liver according the BARK. If your cat has black gums that shouldn't be a worry; it's smelly breath and red and inflammed gums that we need to be concerned about. My friend's cat is a tabby, and recently, she noticed that her cat's breath was extremely bad, like food had gotten caught but much worse, and her gums had turned black.

My Snow White has black gums up front, then pink and then black again in the back of her mouth. This entry was posted in Cat Anatomy and tagged cat anatomy, cat gums, cat mouth by Michael Broad. Thank uh for ur answers, if I think of any more questions I will get a hold of u .have a good day and be safe thank u again. Select an image for your comment (GIF, PNG, JPG, JPEG): Check here to Subscribe to notifications for new postsPlease only upload photos that are small in size of max 500px width and 50 KB size. If you do not respond to an attention seeking cat right from kitten-hood howling will likely not become a problem.
What if the pattern is already established, is it possible to break your cat's crying habit? With the benefit of advances in veterinary medicine and pet care, our pets are living longer than ever before. Just like medical care for humans, pet medical care can add up, but pet health insurance can help prepare you for the expenses that might come with keeping our pets healthy.
In hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland is working overtime, and makes more thyroid hormone than normal. This is a pill containing a very small amount of radioactive iodine that is given to your cat one time. Your veterinarian may want to put your cat on some additional medicines to control these problems. If your cat is on methimazole, these tests will need to be more frequent in the first 6-12 months to help your veterinarian decide the optimal dose of the medicine for your cat. Call us or come in to have our veterinarians perform a physical examination on your cat and discuss other diagnostic tests.
We recently wrote a blog about how to determine if your new kitten will eat wet or dry food.
Overweight felines generally live shorter lives and experience health problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, arthritis and cystitis. My cat, Charlie, has black gums or a better description is that part of his gums are black - there is a pattern of pink gum colour and black.
In the Sphynx we can see the pigmentation in the skin that would have been in the fur and which, it seems, follows the pattern that would have been in the fur had it been there. It is something that can get a little lost in the rush of daily life and cats are very stoic, uncomplaining companions.
In purebred cats, periodontal disease is most common in Himalayan, Siamese and Persian breeds. Her breath had never been bad before, and it is worrying them that it is now, but they don't know if the gums are naturally black.
An increase in vocalization from an older cat, who was quiet when younger, could be a symptom of mental deterioration. Yes your Cat's Behavior can be changed but it wona€™t be quick and easy, it will need plenty of patience and consistency on your part. This means owners are finding themselves dealing with the issues of old age more than they used to.

Remember, our pets cannot tell us what is wrong; it is up to us to protect our companions and help them live long, healthy, active and happy lives. Thyroid hormone is responsible for your (and your cat’s) metabolism, and having too much of it can lead to weight loss and excitability. A visit to your veterinarian is important to figure out what is causing your cat’s signs.
This can be tough to determine in cats, as they tend to love sleeping in places that makes them feel extra warm.
With adequate treatment and control of the hyperthyroidism, the heart and blood pressure problems may resolve. If your cat does have hyperthyroidism, we can help you manage the condition and get your cat back to feeling like himself.
Once you’ve determined what type of food your new kitten will eat, you need to determine a healthy, regularly eating schedule and decide how much you will feed your feline. Charlie is black and it seems that for cats and dogs (and probably many other animals) the creation of the pigment occurs in the skin and gums as well as in the fur.
And it's not just something stuck in her teeth, since it has been bad for almost three weeks. The spread of black pigmentation apparently stopped at some point - in her gums as in her fur.
As pets age, their immune system weakens, and they become more susceptible to illnesses and chronic problems.
But if you notice that your cat chooses to not sleep in the sunny spot on the bed, hyperthyroidism might be a cause of that. Cats with hyperthyroidism can also have a scruffy-looking hair coat.
It does not treat the cause of hyperthyroidism, just the symptom of the thyroid gland making too much hormone.
The radioactivity destroys some of the thyroid gland so it can’t make as much hormone.
The only really practical preventative measure, I am compelled to conclude, is for a vet to clean the teeth on a routine basis as other methods have limited success. Which in turn leads me to conclude that commercially available cat and dog food is not necessarily the best in terms of preventing gum disease. If anyone has any suggestions they would be welcome, as my friend can't see a vet since her mom is out of work, and they don't want to go unless it is something detrimental to the cat.
Because there is a small amount of radioactive material that is involved in this treatment, it must be done in a special facility and your cat will need to stay in isolation for a few days after the treatment. There is some risk that after this treatment your cat may become hypothyroid and need to take thyroid hormone replacement medicine.

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