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A câmera foi fortemente anunciada, com seus 13 megapixels na parte traseira e 2 megapixels na frente. Concept phone renderings are where the imagination can run wild and very rarely jibe with production and marketing realities at big companies, but one can dream, right?This Samsung Galaxy S IV concept, however, is actually very down to earth, and doesn't shoot for the specs or crazy design stars, just features a solidly built handset carrying components most of which have been speculated so far to indeed find their place in the final production version.Well, the concept sketch does have some exotic thoughts built into it, or otherwise it wouldn't be a concept worth its salt - namely the metal chassis, which, as far as we know Samsung, and given the ever-increasing screen size of flagship Androids, is unlikely to happen.
That's why I hope that the evidence is wrong and the Exynos 5 Octa will have a Mali-T678 instead of the PowerVR SGX544MP3. If Samsung doesn't use the PowerVR Rogue series or the Mali-T678, they're basically handing over victory to Apple in terms of GPU power. We’ve seen images and even videos claiming to depict the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV (granted, the Chinese dual-SIM version) and the specs have be subject to speculation for quite some time now. There’s also a glance at some new TouchWiz features, including some eye-tracking tools, as reported (despite previous debunks) and a neat S-Pen Air View-like functionality, this time, with your finger! We know that there’s a chance Samsung could be deliberately misleading the world but that chance, the more leaks we see, becomes thinner and thinner. Imagine que sua sogra entrou na imagem, quando você beijava sua [seu] namorada [namorado]. O S Voice Drive, que permite o motorista comandar quase que todo o smartphone, apenas com a voz.
Rumores apontam para a chegada do gadget a partir de abril, e o Brasil deve estar na primeira lista de aparelhos, como foi com o S III e o S II. Other than that, the design takes cues from the company's build tradition so far, and the specs are pretty much what we might see in Samsung's finest this year.

Though I haven't seen any official benchmarks or performance claims for the Mali-T678, except for vaguely remembering reading something about the Mali-T658 being twice as powerful as the T604 on Anandtech, and the T678 being 50% more powerful than the T658; so the Mali-T678 should be about 150% of the Mali-T604 if I'm remembering correctly, I wouldn't count on that though.
What you see here is the Samsung Galaxy S IV design and my opinion is that this model borrows a bit from the Nokia N9 and a bit from the Samsung Galaxy S II, but that’s just me.So, the Galaxy S IV comes with a 5 inch Super AMOLED 1080p screen according to Bob, plus onscreen buttons that make it more compact then the S III.
However, today we have some new, alleged, pictures, representing a purported representation of the upcoming Android flagship. As you can see in the picture below, these seem to match the leaked design above (and in previous leaks) of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. But aren't you just dying to see how the next big thing out of Samsung's camp is going to look?
O design lembra muito o Galaxy S III, mas com as bordas mais finas, o que evidencia que a tela aumentou, sem aumentar o tamanho físico do aparelho. The next iPad will probably have the Rogue series, which will be the most powerful GPU, but certainly not the next iPhone.
The display is a Pentile one and the designer says that he tried to bring back the rectangular shape of the S II and cover it up with polycarbonate. Sadly, we can't really help you with that, but what we can do for you is to gather all the design mock-ups and concepts that we've seen during the recent months. The battery is now non removable and the Nature UX might make it to this version, although that’s not sure. This way, you'll be able to comfortably examine them and have some fun with the works of those tech-savvy indie designers.

Acreditamos que ela cresceu para poder suportar o grande número de recursos que ficam ligados o tempo todo, sem diminuir o tempo de carga. The device will have an improved camera, as far as quality goes and the shooting speed will be 5 shots per second.This is the way that Bob Freking predicts the future Galaxy S model of 2013 will look like. And who knows, some of these images may actually be a true leak representing the real GS IV itself!And once you're done, don't forget to vote in the poll below to let us know which one you like most! The CPU of choice is an Exynos 5 ARM 15 dual core unit, 5 times faster than the quad core Exynos. Tagged in:Bob Freking, Samsung Galaxy S 4, Samsung Galaxy S IV, Samsung Galaxy S IV concept, Samsung Galaxy S IV design, Samsung Galaxy S IV specs Samsung About Thrystan Lord Vader WOW looks cool ?? Chuck Norris I am Chuck Norris, and I approve this concept! The phone, however, will look nothing like that.Many joked that the S3 was the first phone developed entirely by lawyers. The phone was specifically tailored to counter any look & feel patent, within reason, that Apple could pull out of their deck. Could do with a bigger battery as it will be running some serious stuff on the phone could do with a a 2.4 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon quad core CPU and Key Lime Pie for the OS JW Samsung should not follow Apple iphone with non-removable battery and no micro SD memory card slot.

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