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In fact, many issues go undetected for years; only becoming obvious when a foundation crack appears.
Once it’s been determined that you have a real drainage issue, it’s important to act quickly.
By understanding the terminology and the process, you can make educated decisions on how best to proceed.1. What are weeping tiles Weeping tiles are porous 4-inch pipes used to discharge underground water.
Today’s products are plastic pipes with weep holes or small slits designed to redirect water away from the home. He wrote a book about the subject in 1859 and earned notoriety for solving the drain clogging problem of the era.2. The plastic pipes are placed, holes side up, into a trench around the outside perimeter of the home or inside under the basement floor. Surface water soaks into the ground, filtered through the gravel, through the holes in the pipe and channeled away from the house.b) Interior weeping tile is often used when an exterior weeping system has failed. This system is installed under the basement floor where water is directed to a sump pump, through the pipes and to an exterior storm sewer.

Exterior weeping tile installation process Installing weeping tile can be back-breaking work so engaging a professional is definitely recommended.
In addition to having the proper equipment, a waterproofing company can determine the proper slope, materials needed plus offer a warranty if any problems arise later on. You’ll need to relocate plants and shrubs in the dig area and also determine where any excavated soil should be placed. As the tile and gravel take up a good portion of the trench, you’ll have a significant amount remaining after the job.
Granite or river gravel, less than an inch in size, are best as they won’t break down over time. Covering the stone or wrapping the pipe with landscape fabric will keep it root- and obstruction-free. Let it settle for a day, pour the concrete and smooth it with a trowel.As you can see, both exterior and interior weeping tile installations are labor-intensive. An exterior, full-perimeter job can run between $8,000 and $15,000 with sump pump and accessories.
Interior weeping tile can be installed for half the price of exterior and will eliminate the need for removing landscaping or other obstructions. If your property looks more like a pond than a yard after a rainstorm, or if your sidewalk remains flooded days after the storm has passed, you may be able to solve these issues with a French drain system.

Using a similar concept to eliminating basement flooding, the French drain is placed about a foot below the ground’s surface. However, without proper drainage, your window wells can fill up with water or snow and flood your basement. Dig down to the horizontal weeping tile system.Use a utility knife to cut the pipe in half and insert a 4-inch T-connection directly below the window. The long end of the T should point up.Attach a 4-inch diameter PVC pipe to the T-connection. It should be long enough to reach the lower edge of the windowsill.Attach a drain cover to the top of the pipe and backfill the excavation area and pipe completely with gravel. Cover the gravel with 3-inches of soil but stay 1-inch below the windowsill.Replace the window well form.
If this happens, water doesn’t drain away from your home fast enough and presses against the foundation.

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