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Our Decals are made from high quality Premium OEM Exterior Grade UV resistant and waterproof vinyl with an outdoor life of 6+ years. The decals have the adhesive on the back side so it will stick to the outside of your surface. The Car decals are permanent decals but don't let that scare you they come off really easy you just need to know what to do. The Wall Decals on the other hand are removable so they come off just by peeling a corner. If you want custom text its free of charge just leave a note during checkout with the text you want and if you have a font in mind leave that two.
The decals are processed right away most of the time we have the decals shipped out next day and shipping takes 3 - 5 days. Custom decals cost the same as normal decals just email us your image and we will let you know if we can do it then we will send you a custom invoice. A decal is cut from a single color of vinyl and all areas in the image that are the color of the surface it is shown on, will be cut out and will show the color of the surface that you apply it to.
It all depends on the amount of work that is required to create your custom decal or sticker.In some cases there may be no additional charge. You can receive free Vinyl Disorder stickers and decals by joining our Street Team Click Here, or writing a blog review about our company.

Surfaces that we recommend not applying decals and stickers to are but not limited to: fibrous cloth, rough grain-unpolished wood or surfaces with a powdery or dusty film. Bubbles are a result of not using the proper tools during installation Click Here, and can also be a result of your surface being too hot when you applied the decal. In most cases if you lost a piece that is not attached to the main part of your image, a replacement piece can be sent out to quickly and easily to fix the error.
As long as the word you lost is not attached to the main part of your decal, the word or part of a word can be easily replaced at little or no cost to you. Some of our categories have over a thousand images, and can have too much information for your bandwidth or computer to load.Try viewing one page at a time. After you place your first order with us you will receive a promotional code via email that will be applicable to your future orders. We do offer discounts on orders over certain quantities depending on the size of the decal or sticker, the detail involved in the sticker, and the amount that you are planning on purchasing. These decals are Die cut stickers and the background color will be the color of the object you place it on.
If you want the decal to be faced the other direction or to go on the inside of your car window please change the REVERSED option as YES.
Take the decal and lay it on a flat surface and squeegee it so the top layer adheres again to the decal itself.

They are not outlined and they do not have a background the background becomes the color of the object you apply the decal to. The best way is to use a hair dryer or heat gun and the decals turn to butter and come right off. Generally you should need only use your fingers to work the decal into the crevices of the surface. If a piece is missing from your decal upon reception of your order.We can either send out the piece that is missing, or we can replace the decal depending on the circumstance.
If you want a custom larger or smaller size please just drop us an email.Our Decals are made from high quality Premium OEM Exterior Grade UV resistant and waterproof vinyl with an outdoor life of 6+ years.
The other way which I prefer and WONT SCRATCH YOUR GLASS is to use a razorblade preferably with a handle to it but alone works as well. Vinyl Disorder allows you to choose from over 20 different shapes on our online sticker designer or we can customize the cut to contour around your design! Once the decal is off the wax paper it can be applied to almost any surface depending on the media chosen.

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