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And when you lose someone you love, when you feel as though you were kicked out of a home you considered your own for so long, few things are more painful than to see your love being happy with someone new. It may be the hardest thing to do, but it is crucial to remind ourselves at every step that no matter how much your broken heart wants to convince you of hating a stranger, they are not who we are angry with. Support at any stage of divorce.With insight from attorneys, counselors and divorce survivors - this blog provides support to those who are navigating divorce.
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When combined with our propensity towards jealousy and insecurity, it makes for an extremely unpleasant display of our more reptilian brain.
Especially if you were left for this new person, but even if their romance started some time after the fact, it feels as though someone has moved into our territory and planted their flag with no thought as to who may have been there first. The information contained on this Blog is provided with the understanding that the authors and publishers are not herein engaged in rendering legal, accounting, tax, counseling, or other professional advice or services.

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It is more pleasant to paint them in the most gentle, flattering portrait, excusing every flaw they may have had and the fact that we were only too happy to want them in spite of it.
You stand to gain nothing by being friends with them, by being kind, by giving them the benefit of the doubt. If you wish to use or copy any of the text or any other materials on this Blog, including any extracts, you must first contact ARAG North America, Inc. They are not some soulless demon who wormed its way into your love’s life to ruin yours. There is nothing to be gained from being cruel, from perpetuating the cycle of hurt feelings and misdirected anger. ARAG North America, Inc., its parent and subsidiary companies, and authors of the articles contained within this Blog are not responsible for the results obtained from the use of this information, or for any loss, injury, claim liability or damage related to the use of this Blog.

It allows you to further your dislike of them, to place more of the blame on them, to call them crazy and assume no responsibility. Hate-reading a Facebook page to find out everything you can possibly dislike about someone only wears on your own heart, and turning into someone petty enough to do it will never make someone love you again.
And this pain, this fractured pride, has nowhere tangible to go except directly to the person who is perhaps least deserving.

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