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You see, you just CAN’T attract someone back when you are depressed, angry or being extremely needy. You need to discover how to assess what went wrong in YOUR relationship, and develop a plan to get your ex back! You can have her back, you just need to be willing to step out of your normal comfort level.
She wants to get back with him in hopes he'll be like he was for the first month they were dating. Discover how you can prevent breakups or win back ex with highly effective techniques that work for both men and women.
If you want to win your ex back, you have to think of doing the opposite of what isn’t working for you.

See, whatever it is that you are doing wrong is turning your ex away and not helping in your efforts at winning your ex back, you must stop doing it!
Well, I want to share with you another “Win Back Ex” tip from the author himself, TDub!
But if you are serious to win back your ex, then following this technique wouldn’t be a problem for you. The Win Back Ex Blog is all about not giving up until you’ve done everything humanly possible. You have to release them back to themselves, and to their own life, and move on with yours. You can check it out and read the unsolicited testimonials of men and women who got their ex back.

You can find some secret methods for successfully winning your ex back at the Breakup Eraser. I have tried to win him back since because we have married for 17 years and I had hard time to let go our past even though it has cuased the problems in his new relationship. You also must realize that you know your ex better than just about anybody right now, so if you were to just step away from the situation for a bit you probably will get a more clear picture of what you need to do to win your ex back. We now back to together and I could understand that sometimes it is hard to get along with my ex because he is not an open minded and never said sorry in the past.

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