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The friend we were visiting sent an e-mail reminder to pack our bathing suits because she’d planned a day trip tubing down a river.My girlfriend didn’t look too excited.
Your girlfriend will come back to you if she is ready to forgive you or has already done so.
I knew my girlfriend’s proportions for years before we started dating; she is the younger sister of a college friend.

I do not love my girlfriend in spite of the fact that she’s fat, and I do not love her because she is fat.
At Thanksgiving, I skipped the stuffing and slipped into my first pair of size 8 jeans.That was the week my girlfriend and I started dating. Weighing less brought a bevy of benefits, from increased stamina to never having to worry if a store carried clothes in my size.

Soon after we started dating, my girlfriend quit smoking, indicating that she wanted to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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