Why do i want her back, how to get a girlfriend back after you dumped her - Review

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The reality show star went on a multi-post rant session about how she took in a friend who had nothing but $20 in her pocket and was on the receiving end of deceit when she found out her friend tried to holler at her ex.
Instead of focusing on the right things, and building back everything she's lost, she's looking for a life line. I allowed her to be serviced by my makeup artist for free, she ate, drank, and was chauffeured the whole weekend without having to spend the whole $26 dollars she came off the train with from Philly.

Long story short, the next morning she asked me about him and I informed her that he was someone I use to date and expressed some of the situations we had been through. I used to be very nice to her before, but don't know what started coming into her mind, she stopped talking. I informed her that he SPECIFICALLY TARGETS MY FRIENDS & ASSOCIATES OF MINE and that he had also slept with two of my other "friends" that he made friends with while they were actually out with me.

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