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I may not be the perfect girl but I will always laugh, cry and be mad by your side every single day of my life till our hair turns grey. There are a number of messages that you can write to him during the day to show your concern while not seeming to be a bit annoying or needy at the time during his day of stress at work. You can read the article we linked earlier in this Q&A for tips girls send their busy boyfriends, and change some of those messages to send your girlfriend.
I know I can seem distant when I am working so much, but it's for us, and our future together. So in one sense, you are less of a priority temporarily, while he pursues a dream, but he hasn't left you or put you on the side, and he's working hard. They say that life's too short for regrets, but I regret not spending more time with you before you went off to work. I was thinking that when you finished work tonight, I could make a dinner for you, followed by a long back rub, and then a nice hot bath.
See more questions like this: I am very busy at work and I don't get to talk to my best girlfriend. I was thinking on texting my woman a lovely text message that would make her think about me all the time.

But as a girlfriend, you can send a love message to your boyfriend or something that can inspire him within the day that can lift up his spirit.
Don't worry about texting her, but then, if you do text, don't send more than three messages a day unless you are answering her. You got a guy working with a professional band that imposes a sleep curfew, instead of an unprofessional band that's out partying every night. Perhaps viewing some of the messages we linked in the first part of this Q&A to let him know that you love him, even when he is busy, will inspire him to send you more messages.
Remember that the more a man messages a girl, the more likely it is that she will feel like he's a little smothering. That way she knows you love her, you're thinking of her, and you respect her busy time at work. He's covered interesting topics, such as how to get rid of a scar, and checking your data usage with USSD codes. Rather, tell her that you love and miss her, and can't wait to talk to her after you finish whatever you are doing. If you think you'll send too many all at once, just rewind a bit, and set up a reminder on your phone, at a different time every day.

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Then, when you get a break, let her know how much she means to you, and why she's such an important part of her life.
It's not going to be easy for him to call you his sweetie pie when there are five other guys making fun of him.
HE IS ASKING ME TO FLY OVER TO HIS STATE TO SEE HIM, BECAUSE HE IS TOO BUSY WHILE MY OWN WORK IS NOT AS DEMANDING AS HIS. He explained through a letter that I received that he is always busy at his work since he is a project coordinator. You work hard to quickly set up a show, and then between sets you're working to fix any minor problems, or make sure the instruments are returned.

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