What to get girlfriend for birthday, how to get your boyfriend back from another girl - Review

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If you have awhile until your girlfriend's birthday, make her a scrapbook of the places you two have gone.
If you really aren't sure what to get, go shopping with your mom, or have your mom approve the present. For example, if you two have an inside joke about monkeys, get her a stuffed monkey, or make her a sock monkey.
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Note that this takes a lot of time to be really good, so if you're only thinking of it the night before, save this thought for next year. Make sure to say something like, "18 birthday kisses!" because if you don't she might not get the idea. Make her happy on her special day and give her a birthday present that she will never forget! For example, if she says she wants a certain kind of perfume, but it is too expensive for you, don't get her a different kind of perfume. I'm not trying to be rude, I am just stating that alot of teens this day cease to know what a true relationship even means, and if they are real diamonds they will be expensive.

Try Claire's for jewelry under $20, or look at your local art and wine festival for an artistic selection.
Don't forget beaches, nature, museums, landmarks, the theater, and concerts, if she likes any of those things.

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