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So you've snagged the Aries man of your dreams, but now you might be wondering what it takes to keep him interested. One weekend, you could suggest trying something like bungee-jumping or rock climbing, especially if your Aries sweetheart has demonstrated an interest in similar activities in the past.
If you want to have your way in the relationship, you need to suggest things in a way that can allow your sweetheart to claim credit for it later.
If his eyes do start to roam, skip the direct confrontation and focus on making him look back in your direction, instead.
Keep in mind that Aries men hate routine, so your physical activities should not adhere to a strict schedule. If you want to get an Aries man (March 21 - April 19) you will need to be bold, sophisticated and savvy. That being said, Aries are full of great qualities, too (otherwise you wouldn't be attracted to them in the first place!) They are driven, confident, charismatic, clever, sensual creatures.
Remember that Aries men have absolutely huge egos, so if you want to get your Aries man you are going to have to stroke it! Simply put, an Aries man will lose interest the moment his relationship with you becomes too routine or burdensome. If you haven't realized it already, your Aries guy tends to like dates full of variety and adventure. He might be ready to take you to bed, but if you don't feel likewise, don't let his eagerness push you into something you don't want.
Even though the Aries man will usually take the lead, he will enjoy a relationship with a woman who can keep him on his toes, as well. When you want to give your Aries guy a great gift, take him out on an adventure instead of buying him something tangible. An Aries man needs to feel free and independent, so he might not always invite you to take part in his latest and greatest adventure.

An Aries man is not likely to beat around the bush and drop hints that things are over; if he loses interest, he will be honest about it. Many Aries men have a tendency to be extremely bossy and do not appreciate being told what to do.
Act disinterested at first, but once he starts trying to get your focus back on him, let him know that his efforts are working.
Most Aries guys will thrive in a relationship if their partner is active both in and out of the bedroom. Unfortunately, the Aries man can be a little selfish regarding acts of physical intimacy and quickly takes over.
Since Aries men crave excitement and variety, they tend to get involved with more new things than most other guys do.
Even though your Aries man needs to be right, he needs to be given the opportunity to prove how right he is in order to feel fully satisfied. In spite of how assertive the Aries male can be, he's actually rather sensitive and easily hurt. It is true that most Aries guys are impatient and independent, but in order to make the relationship last for a long time, you need to encourage him to grow emotionally. A frequent “I love you” or “I can't wait to see you” text is perfectly acceptable, as long as he hasn't told you to back off or stop. When a fire sign gets too hot to touch, you may need to stand back to avoid "getting burnt." If you can handle the heat, stay in the kitchen! Aries (fire signs in general, really) tend to have a few characteristics that others find off-putting: They can be selfish, jealous, temperamental, childish, and moody. Aries loves the thrill of the chase so much it can seem hard to keep them running after you for more than a hot minute. Surprise gifts, surprise trips, spur-of-the-moment changes in plans -- Aries will eat it up.

When you're springing surprise romantic gestures on your man, make it clear you've been paying attention. Long and hard, as long as it takes to get him to come to you, and forever after if you want him to stay with you.
If you want to have any say in the experience, you may need to act unimpressed from time to time. If your lustful, impulsive side is at all buried under a pile of inhibitions or insecurities, your Aries will quickly look the other way. They want to be with a woman who they can provide for, who they can feel needs them like a damsel in distress.
They want someone who can play at all levels -- the Aries man is not a fan of boredom (and that's putting it lightly). That way Aries will feel like there's more territory they need to gain, a more thorough understanding they can have of you.
On the off chance that your Aries asks what you would like to do, opt for a night on the town instead of a night in.
If he gets a buzz of energy from being with you, he will want to be with you for as long as possible. And if your Aries is showing you how much he cares, definitely give him the reaction he's aiming for!

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