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Play or Watch Youtube Videos Without Buffering with Fast Loading will be the killer ways for those who wanted to watch youtube videos without the bloody Buffer. Once the HTML5 is Enabled for Your Google Account, Just Play any videos and then Right click the Video Player. To watch videos with Lowest Quality, Just click the Gear icon in the Video Player and Select the least Quality like 140p.
Cached Videos were served by some Internet Service Providers(ISP) to get controlled to their Bandwidth and Downloading Speed.
This method also helps you to watch youtube videos with your Media Player like VLC player, Real player, etc.
Not very sure you may be about what’s causing the trouble to your YouTube videos as they do not play or pause momentarily or forever on your iPhone whether using the data connection or over Wi-Fi.
A soft reset will help clear any logjam in settings, software or the device and thus fix the problem. If the problem seems to occur only on the Wi-Fi network, then back up Wi-Fi settings and reset them.

You should reset iPhone to factory default settings if none of the above mentioned methods works for the problem.
If the problem still occurs with YouTube and other videos, then it would be better to uninstall the YouTube app as it might have a corrupt installation. If nothing has resolved your problem, then add a WPA password (you may also opt for WEP) and disable the guest login functionality on your router settings. The main reason for the Feather’s Birth was to watch youtube video pages with Lower latency and also Feather using latest advanced technology to Reduce the Total data bytes downloaded by your browser.
To overcome and get rid of this Cached videos from youtube just follow the Steps using Command Prompt(CMD).
If you already have a router-setup-Wi-Fi, resetting the router to factory settings and restarting all over may fix the problem. This has seemed to fix the problem for many experiencing trouble watching YouTube videos through the AirPort base station. For example you have to watch only in flash player for the Videos that are embedded with Initial Advertisements.

Some Features of Speedbit Video Accelator are HD & HQ Video acceleration, iTunes acceleration, Seamless acceleration. Whichever way it is and no matter what it is if you cannot watch your favorite YouTube videos on your iPhone, it is as a matter of fact useless. Disable the LTE feature in your iPhone and ensure a steady Wi-Fi connection for it so that the videos and movies etc. So to get rid of this problem I’m going to discuss various powerful methods for fast video buffering. Connect to your Wi-Fi network and start watching YouTube videos – that should work without problems.

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