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One of the best ways to find out how you can get a girlfriend is to discover why you don't have one right now!
When you see a girl you like, whether it’s online or in person, you’re going to have to talk to her to find out if she likes you, and if she does, to get her phone number to call her later for a date. If you’re single and you want a girlfriend, the first thing I recommend you do is read my page about Dating. The truth is, getting a girlfriend isn’t about you being the most amazing, status-driven, beautiful, richest person in the world. Knowing your value is an essential step to having confidence in yourself in any area of your life — especially when it comes to meeting a girlfriend. Part of getting clear on what you want is determining specifically what you want in a partner.
Take five minutes and write down on a sheet of paper all the things you want in a girlfriend. Get Instant Access To Over Eight Hours Of Interactive Confidence Training Plus Dozens Of Confidence Building Tools.
Once you are pretty sure that there's strong mutual attraction, ask her to be your girlfriend. Only then will you get more comfortable with women and discover what you truly want in a girlfriend.

It does you no good to get all the things you want, but then also get a lot of problematic things as well.
Vulnerability and honesty are something you build overtime when you get to trust the person. This doesn't mean that you want to try to get with all of your girl friends, but being a little flirty will help them remember that you're a guy, not just another good friend.
You should spend no more than a few minutes talking to any one woman, reading her interest level in you and getting her phone number.
It was more about building up my ego and self-esteem by getting lots of validation from women. More importantly, you'll be helping yourself feel less lonely without desperately seeking a girlfriend. A healthy relationship will color your world no matter how old you are, so don't rush into things, or else you might end up forcing the wrong person into the girlfriend role, which will cause pain for everyone involved. So I’m going to take you through the process of how to get a girlfriend.These are the three areas you must master in order to get and keep a girlfriend in love with you.
If you’re at a nightclub, some social event or function, you want to get as many phone numbers as possible.
Don't digress, no matter what, like "Hi, you are cute and I came here to know who you really are." You are looking for a girlfriend, not a friend who is a 'girl'.

Putting yourself in the power position will not only make you more attractive to the girl, but it will keep you from choosing the wrong girl just because she'll get with you. If you're getting mixed signals, go with the in-person ones over the signals you get over text. Don't change your Facebook relationship status or refer to her as your girlfriend until she responds! If she’s chasing you, she can’t be getting rid of you anymore than she can sit down and stand up at the same time.
You don’t need to bring up relationships, dating, getting serious, her being your girlfriend, you being her boyfriend, etc. If you’re not talking to women, and not getting phone numbers, you won’t have any dates with any ladies.

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