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While scrolling through my phone and reading the text exchange between my husband and me, I see a love story. This may be the most truthful text message I've ever sent my husband, but honesty is key in a successful relationship.
Not only does my husband go grocery shopping, but he always takes the time to carefully and considerately explain life's greatest mysteries to me. Communication via text is wonderful, but sometimes we still need to pick up the phone for a personal exchange or just to hear our spouse's voice.
It's a common misconception that the little weak lady needs to first consult with the big strong man when handling business. Sure, he thinks I'm a beautiful and amazing woman, but I know the difference between a sincere compliment and an "I need sex" compliment.
In my friend Mary's own words: "Everyone was holding hands in the mall and my daughter's baby doll felt lonely, so she told her daddy to hold the naked baby's hand.
He was so tired after helping my sister through labor, but all the stress and fear melted away as he gazed at his son and touched him for the very first time.
My daughters beg and cry for my husband to comb their hair, and I've learned it's because he treats their scalps like tender little butterflies.
You really have to like someone in order to snooze with them, which makes this snooze extra special. He's my favorite thing to sleep on, so seeing my girls comfortable and asleep on him too lets me know I made good life choices.
I am staying at the Hotel Metropol, a whimsical sand-colored monument to pre-revolutionary art nouveau.
I’ve had several occasions to stay at the Metropol during my three decades as an investigative journalist. I do my best to avoid being followed as I head to the designated hotel for the interview, one that is a bit out of the way and attracts few Western visitors. Entering the room he has booked for our interview, he throws his backpack on the bed alongside his baseball cap and a pair of dark sunglasses. Snowden is careful about what’s known in the intelligence world as operational security.
Despite being the subject of a worldwide manhunt, Snowden seems relaxed and upbeat as we drink Cokes and tear away at a giant room-service pepperoni pizza.
Meanwhile, Snowden will continue to haunt the US, the unpredictable impact of his actions resonating at home and around the world. Edward Snowden explains in his own words why he decided to reveal secret details of the domestic surveillance being conducted by US intelligence services. That has left US officials in something like a state of impotent expectation, waiting for the next round of revelations, the next diplomatic upheaval, a fresh dose of humiliation. Yet it is very likely that no one knows precisely what is in the mammoth haul of documents—not the NSA, not the custodians, not even Snowden himself.
In fact, on the first day of my Moscow interview with Snowden, the German newsmagazine Der Spiegel comes out with a long story about the NSA’s operations in Germany and its cooperation with the German intelligence agency, BND.
Some have even raised doubts about whether the infamous revelation that the NSA was tapping German chancellor Angela Merkel’s cell phone, long attributed to Snowden, came from his trough.
The Der Spiegel articles were written by, among others, Poitras, the filmmaker who was one of the first journalists Snowden contacted. The same day I share pizza with Snowden in a Moscow hotel room, the US House of Representatives moves to put the brakes on the NSA. Born on June 21, 1983, Snowden grew up in the Maryland suburbs, not far from the NSA’s headquarters. Soon after Snowden revealed himself as a leaker, there was enormous media focus on the fact that he quit school after the 10th grade, with the implication that he was simply an uneducated slacker. Snowden says that he was particularly attracted to the special forces because it offered the chance to learn languages. Out of the Army, Snowden landed a job as a security guard at a top-secret facility that required him to get a high-level security clearance. As the junior man on the top computer team, Snowden distinguished himself enough to be sent to the CIA’s secret school for technology specialists. It was in Geneva that Snowden would see firsthand some of the moral compromises CIA agents made in the field. While in Geneva, Snowden says, he met many spies who were deeply opposed to the war in Iraq and US policies in the Middle East. Even as his faith in the mission of US intelligence services continued to crumble, his upward climb as a trusted technical expert proceeded.
But in March 2012, Snowden moved again for Dell, this time to a massive bunker in Hawaii where he became the lead technologist for the information-sharing office, focusing on technical issues. Another troubling discovery was a document from NSA director Keith Alexander that showed the NSA was spying on the pornography-viewing habits of political radicals. In the mid-1970s, Senator Frank Church, similarly shocked by decades of illegal spying by the US intelligence services, first exposed the agencies’ operations to the public. The sun sets late here in June, and outside the hotel window long shadows are beginning to envelop the city. Snowden adjusts his glasses; one of the nose pads is missing, making them slip occasionally.
By the time he went to work for Booz Allen in the spring of 2013, Snowden was thoroughly disillusioned, yet he had not lost his capacity for shock.
Fortunately for the NSA, the Syrians were apparently more focused on restoring the nation’s Internet than on tracking down the cause of the outage.
The last straw for Snowden was a secret program he discovered while getting up to speed on the capabilities of the NSA’s enormous and highly secret data storage facility in Bluffdale, Utah.
The massive surveillance effort was bad enough, but Snowden was even more disturbed to discover a new, Strangelovian cyberwarfare program in the works, codenamed MonsterMind.
Programs like this had existed for decades, but MonsterMind software would add a unique new capability: Instead of simply detecting and killing the malware at the point of entry, MonsterMind would automatically fire back, with no human involvement.
In addition to the possibility of accidentally starting a war, Snowden views MonsterMind as the ultimate threat to privacy because, in order for the system to work, the NSA first would have to secretly get access to virtually all private communications coming in from overseas to people in the US.
Given the NSA’s new data storage mausoleum in Bluffdale, its potential to start an accidental war, and the charge to conduct surveillance on all incoming communications, Snowden believed he had no choice but to take his thumb drives and tell the world what he knew. The afternoon of our third meeting, about two weeks after our first, Snowden comes to my hotel room.
But rather than the Russian secret police, it’s his old employers, the CIA and the NSA, that Snowden most fears. More than anything, Snowden fears a blunder that will destroy all the progress toward reforms for which he has sacrificed so much. Earlier in the day, defense attorney Jennifer Willmott ended her direction examination of LaViolette by asking her questions about how Alexander's physical and sexual abuse culminated in a violent confrontation that forced Arias to fight for her life and kill her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.
During her testimony, LaViolette methodically walked the jury through the entire history of Arias and Alexander's relationship using Arias’ journal entries, emails and text messages to illustrate her points.
In addition to her attorneys and mitigation specialist, some of the other visitors include friends, supporters, and clergy. LaViolette said Alexander and Arias became trapped in a domestic abuse cycle in which he would become violent, and they would have a loving period after the fight. You know you've got a good one when he tries to console you and then volunteers to be your PMS punching bag. But somewhere in the last decade, he realized how happy it makes all of us to see him in something silly we picked out for him.
Built during the time of Czar Nicholas II, it later became the Second House of the Soviets after the Bolsheviks took over in 1917. I stayed here 20 years ago when I interviewed Victor Cherkashin, the senior KGB officer who oversaw American spies such as Aldrich Ames and Robert Hanssen.
Like him, I was assigned to a National Security Agency unit in Hawaii—in my case, as part of three years of active duty in the Navy during the Vietnam War.
The story, by Greg Miller, recounts daily meetings with senior officials from the FBI, CIA, and State Department, all desperately trying to come up with ways to capture Snowden.
I take a seat in the lobby facing the front door and open the book I was instructed to bring. He looks thin, almost gaunt, with a narrow face and a faint shadow of a goatee, as if he had just started growing it yesterday. Snowden wants to discuss his activities, that conversation should be held with the US Department of Justice. He would not say exactly how he gathered them, but others in the intelligence community have speculated that he simply used a web crawler, a program that can search for and copy all documents containing particular keywords or combinations of keywords. At the time of that revelation, Der Spiegel simply attributed the information to Snowden and other unnamed sources. Her high visibility and expertise in encryption may have attracted other NSA whistle-blowers, and Snowden’s cache of documents could have provided the ideal cover. Back in Moscow, Snowden recalls boarding a plane for Hong Kong, on his way to reveal himself as the leaker of a spectacular cache of secrets and wondering whether his risk would be worth it. His father, Lon, rose through the enlisted ranks of the Coast Guard to warrant officer, a difficult path. He passed a polygraph exam and the stringent background check and, almost without realizing it, he found himself on his way to a career in the clandestine world of intelligence.
Because spies were promoted based on the number of human sources they recruited, they tripped over each other trying to sign up anyone they could, regardless of their value.
It was bad enough when spies were getting bankers drunk to recruit them; now he was learning about targeted killings and mass surveillance, all piped into monitors at the NSA facilities around the world.
That opened the door to long-overdue reforms, such as the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act. But Snowden doesn’t seem to mind that the interview is stretching into the evening hours.

In any case, Snowden says he had no problem accessing, downloading, and extracting all the confidential information he liked.
They raced to remotely repair the router, desperate to cover their tracks and prevent the Syrians from discovering the sophisticated infiltration software used to access the network. His targets included institutions normally considered outside the military’s purview.
Potentially capable of holding upwards of a yottabyte of data, some 500 quintillion pages of text, the 1 million-square-foot building is known within the NSA as the Mission Data Repository. The program, disclosed here for the first time, would automate the process of hunting for the beginnings of a foreign cyberattack.
That’s a problem, Snowden says, because the initial attacks are often routed through computers in innocent third countries.
I have changed locations and am now staying at the Hotel National, across the street from the Kremlin and Red Square. ET: LaViolette said the presentation was about growing up in an abusive family and not an intimate relationship like with the Arias case. ET: LaViolette said in this case she views Alexander as the perpetrator and not the victim. ET: Maritnez is asking LaViolette how she used materials in the Arias case to reach her opinion. ET: LaViolette admitted there is no medical diagnosis for when someone is battered or abused.
ET: LaViolette said in all the materials she reviewed in this case she never saw Arias display jealous or violent behavior. ET: Willmott asked LaViolette to go through all the materials she reviewed in the Arias case. ET: LaViolette is going through her Continuum of Aggression and Abuse and listing all the abusive behavior she believes was present in Arias and Alexander's relationship. ET: LaViolette said Arias her shame and naked photos are now public and she is not sure how Arias has been able to deal with that without becoming detached from the situation. Um, she drops the camera and uh, he gets very upset she drops the camera and um, says that a kindergartener or a five year old could do this better and apparently comes out of the shower, body slams her, she falls to the ground, um, she wriggles away and um, runs into the closet, gets the gun that he has in the closet and he comes after her again and is coming at her like a football player and she does not believe the gun is loaded. ET: LaViolette said with some of these women Alexander tried to push the sexual boundaries as far as he could. ET: Alexander told one woman he was having sexual conversations with to read the Book of Mormon just like he did with Arias according to Arias. ET: LaViolette is walking the jury through all the women Alexander was communicating with around June 2008. ET: In early June 2008, Alexander was communicating with other women in the middle night, and some of the women complained abot it according to LaViolette. ET: LaViolette said text messages between Arias and Alexander from May 30, 2008 to June 2, 2008 seemed conversational and normal. ET: Arias wrote in her journal that she initially told Alexander she would not visit him during her road trip on June 1, 2008. ET: Arias wrote about how on her roadtrip in early June 2008 how she planned to stop at her ex-boyfriends' homes along the way.
ET: LaViolette said Arias also wrote about how she was trapped in a cycle with Alexander where he gets mad and they make up.
ET: Men and women are judged differently when it comes to their sexual behavior according to LaViolette. ET: LaViolette said Arias told Alexander during a fight in May 2008 that sex made her feel closer to him. ET: LaViolette is listing all the names Alexander called Arias during this instant message fight.
ET: Alexander's text "tirade" according to LaViolette eventually continued through instant messages. ET: Judge Stephens informed the jury that Juror 5 was in the courtroom to observe, and they should have no contact with her until after the trial. ET: The juror who was excused from the Arias case earlier in the week is now sitting in the public gallery to watch today's proceedings.
ET: Alexander and Arias both wrote in their separate journals in late May that it's good that they were going to part ways. ET: In the same journal entry, Arias wrote she told Alexander she could have another relationship with another man. ET: Arias also wrote in this journal entry that after she brought up the fact that they should not be physical, because of the Mormon law of chastity Alexander became angry. ET: On May 22, 2008, Arias wrote in her journal about how she spoke with Alexander about the Mormon law of chastity. ET: In Session's Beth Karas in in the courtroom and she says the jurors are engaged and listening to LaViolette's testimony. ET: Willmott read an email conversation between where Alexander tells Arias if he could control his anger then he would be unstoppable. ET: In May 2008, Arias suggested to Alexander that they create a don't ask, don't tell policy about their other relationships.
ET: LaViolette said in May 2008, Alexander would consistently have tirades through text messages. ET: Willmott and Alexander are discussing another text message argument between Arias and Alexander that takes place after she moved back to Yreka, California in April 2008. ET: In the text message Alexander sent to Arias, he threatens to talk bad about Arias to her friends.
ET: LaViolette is explaining why most battered women minimize the abuse they have endured, because usually it is hard for them to process and they want to protect their partner's reputation. ET: On April 1, Alexander texted Arias apologizing and told her that she was a fantastic person.
ET: The text messages from the end of March 28 indicate to LaViolette that Alexander became mad at Arias, because of he hung up on her.
ET: In March 2008, Alexander wrote in his journal that it was a good thing Arias was moving back home to Yreka, California, because he was having trouble with self control.
ET: LaViolette said in all the materials she reviewed in the case she never saw Arias display any stalking behavior. LaViolette, with everything you have reviewed, the text messages, the emails, the journal entries, and you’ve reviewed Mr.
ET: Alexander texted Arias to come over to his house and to make herself at home on March 22, 2008. ET: Defense attorney Jennifer Willmott is asking LaViolette about text messages between Alexander and Arias from March 22, 2008. ET: Judge Sherry Stephens said she will deny the defense's motion to sequester the jury at this time, because there is no indication that the jury has been exposed to any media coverage of the trial at this time. ET: Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi is asking the court to sequester the jury, because the media was able to obtain interrogation tapes of Arias' parents and copies of her journal. That's why I kept running the golf cart into bushes the last time he invited me to play 18.
And I stayed here again in 1995, during the Russian war in Chechnya, when I met with Yuri Modin, the Soviet agent who ran Britain’s notorious Cambridge Five spy ring. Then, as a reservist in law school, I blew the whistle on the NSA when I stumbled across a program that involved illegally eavesdropping on US citizens. He shops at a local grocery store where no one recognizes him, and he has picked up some of the language. He says that he actually intended the government to have a good idea about what exactly he stole. This could account for many of the documents that simply list highly technical and nearly unintelligible signal parameters and other statistics. Following my meetings with Snowden, I email Poitras and ask her point-blank whether there are other NSA sources out there. But mostly he’s concerned that he may inadvertently detract from the cause he has risked his life to promote. His mother, Wendy, worked for the US District Court in Baltimore, while his older sister, Jessica, became a lawyer at the Federal Judicial Center in Washington.
After attending a job fair focused on intelligence agencies, he was offered a position at the CIA, where he was assigned to the global communications division, the organization that deals with computer issues, at the agency’s headquarters in Langley, Virginia. After the training was complete, in March 2007, Snowden headed for Geneva, Switzerland, where the CIA was seeking information about the banking industry. Operatives would get targets drunk enough to land in jail and then bail them out—putting the target in their debt. He is living on New York time, the better to communicate with his stateside supporters and stay on top of the American news cycle. The time when, thumb drive in hand, aware of the enormous potential consequences, he secretly went to work. Except for the very highest level of classified documents, details about virtually all of the NSA’s surveillance programs were accessible to anyone, employee or contractor, private or general, who had top-secret NSA clearance and access to an NSA computer. This would have given the NSA access to email and other Internet traffic from much of the country. Software would constantly be on the lookout for traffic patterns indicating known or suspected attacks. An icon like the Metropol, much of Russia’s history passed through its front doors at one time or another. So he sent his longtime partner, David Miranda, from their home in Rio to Berlin to get another set from Poitras, who fixed the archive.
Martinez said even if it's a myth she can reach the opinion that someone is a battered woman.
Defense attorney Kirk Nurmi objected, and now the attorneys are at a sidebar with the judge.

He asked one woman how far they would have to go before they would have to go to see the bishop. Some of the women he was having graphic sexual conversations with and sending nude photos to them. Burns testified earlier in the trial that he kissed Arias the day after Alexander died on June 5, 2008. LaViolette said she did not give many details about the names, and she seemed to minimize Alexander's verbal abuse. Laviolette said the fight was very long and it was seemed more intense then anything she has seen in the case at this point.
Juror 5 has blond hair with red highlights, and she is sitting in one of the back rows of the gallery. LaViolette said during this long argument almost all of the anger was coming from Alexander, and that this is a long time for someone to be mad. Willmott is now asking LaViolette are discussing a text message fight from May 2008 where Alexander gets mad Arias for speaking to another man. She also said it is common for battered women to break off a relationship but will still be attached to their abusive partner. Prosecutor Martinez responded by saying the jury has said on numerous times that they are avoiding coverage of the trial. Her testimony is expected to resume once the judge clears her calendar and the jury is seated. You agree that anything you post may be used, along with your name and profile picture, in accordance with our Privacy Policy and the license you have granted pursuant to our Terms of Service. There were a few episodes of reckless hand-holding and even one makeout session in the back of a Nissan Sentra before her, but nothing you could call a relationship. Now his image adorns a large plaque on the exterior of the hotel, appropriately facing away from the symbols of the new Russia on the next block—Bentley and Ferrari dealerships and luxury jewelers like Harry Winston and Chopard. When Snowden fled to Russia after stealing the largest cache of secrets in American history, some in Washington accused him of being another link in this chain of Russian agents.
I testified about the program in a closed hearing before the Church Committee, the congressional investigation that led to sweeping reforms of US intelligence abuses in the 1970s. But he has nevertheless maintained a presence on the world stage—not only as a man without a country but as a man without a body. And going through this archive using a sophisticated digital search tool, I could not find some of the documents that have made their way into public view, leading me to conclude that there must be a second leaker somewhere.
Instead, the NSA’s surveillance has become one of the most pressing issues in the national conversation. In the spring of 2004, as the ground war in Iraq was heating up with the first battle of Fallujah, he volunteered for the Army special forces. It was an extension of the network and engineering work he’d been doing since he was 16. For Snowden, the Japan posting was especially attractive: He had wanted to visit the country since he was a teen.
And he would also begin to appreciate the enormous scope of the NSA’s surveillance capabilities, an ability to map the movement of everyone in a city by monitoring their MAC address, a unique identifier emitted by every cell phone, computer, and other electronic device. The role gave him rare dual-hat authority covering both domestic and foreign intercept capabilities—allowing him to trace domestic cyberattacks back to their country of origin.
But something went wrong, and the router was bricked instead—rendered totally inoperable. That means violating the Fourth Amendment, seizing private communications without a warrant, without probable cause or even a suspicion of wrongdoing.
Lenin once lived in Room 107, and the ghost of Felix Dzerzhinsky, the feared chief of the old Soviet secret police who also lived here, still haunts the hallways.
She wants specific dates from Martinez, and she said she can't answer it, because she needs to review the journal. LaViolette said the phone sex conversation shows her that Arias was still involved in a relationship with Alexander in May 2008. LaViolette said this was jealous behavior, and Alexander seemed to get more jealous the more Arias pulled away from the relationship. For almost nine months, I have been trying to set up an interview with him—traveling to Berlin, Rio de Janeiro twice, and New York multiple times to talk with the handful of his confidants who can arrange a meeting.
When being interviewed at the South by Southwest conference or receiving humanitarian awards, his disembodied image smiles down from jumbotron screens. Knowledge of the agency’s tricks is one of the ways that Snowden has managed to stay free. It’s highly unlikely that the current custodians will ever return the documents to the NSA. It would also give the government time to prepare for leaks in the future, allowing it to change code words, revise operational plans, and take other steps to mitigate damage. President Obama has personally addressed the issue, Congress has taken up the issue, and the Supreme Court has hinted that it may take up the issue of warrantless wiretapping. He was given a diplomatic passport, a four-bedroom apartment near the lake, and a nice cover assignment. Snowden worked at the NSA offices at Yokota Air Base, outside Tokyo, where he instructed top officials and military officers on how to defend their networks from Chinese hackers.
But in this case, the NSA did virtually nothing to protect even the communications of people in the US. In his new job, Snowden became immersed in the highly secret world of planting malware into systems around the world and stealing gigabytes of foreign secrets. Tipped off, probably as a result of surveillance by GCHQ, the British counterpart of the NSA, British authorities detained Miranda as soon as he arrived and questioned him for nine hours.
Jodi is described by her two prior relationships as generally happy, sweet, creative, lots of different things that are positive. At several points I was threatened with prosecution under the Espionage Act, the same 1917 law under which Snowden is charged (in my case those threats had no basis and were never carried out). But we can’t allow the law to become a political weapon or agree to scare people away from standing up for their rights, no matter how good the deal. Coincidentally, the company was run from a house at Fort Meade, where the NSA’s headquarters are located.
This included the emails and phone calls of millions of Arab and Palestinian Americans whose relatives in Israel-occupied Palestine could become targets based on the communications.
Even in the technology industry, where he has many supporters, some accuse him of playing too fast and loose with dangerous information. He saw deceiving the American people as what he does, as his job, as something completely ordinary. They also say she can be a pain in the pain in the butt, which I’m sure any of us can be a pain in the butt in a relationship.
In May I received an email from his lawyer, ACLU attorney Ben Wizner, confirming that Snowden would meet me in Moscow and let me hang out and chat with him for what turned out to be three solid days over several weeks. Since then I have written two more books about the NSA, as well as numerous magazine articles (including two previous cover stories about the NSA for WIRED), book reviews, op-eds, and documentaries. But Snowden didn’t have a Senate committee at his disposal or the power of congressional subpoena. Although the documents had been encrypted using a sophisticated program known as True Crypt, the British authorities discovered a paper of Miranda’s with the password for one of the files, and they were able to decrypt about 75 pages, according to British court documents.
It is the most time that any journalist has been allowed to spend with him since he arrived in Russia in June 2013. They had talked about her as being um, good with other people, you see her pulling away from other relationships over time.
Besides radio silence on the phone I would steer clear of her at school, send friends on scouting missions to make sure the path to my locker was clear, etc. Here are a few of the broad strokes: Frequency of texts and phone calls drops dramatically.
In fact, a lot of guys probably text waaayyyy more than they normally would when they first begin dating a woman. The problem is that it’s hard to tell whether the drop-off is because of comfort or disinterest.
At this point, it’s probably good not to assume the worst, but you should definitely be on your guard.
If you used to have long conversations about hopes, dreams, and the existential state of your soul with the guy you are dating but are now speaking monologues at a flesh-and-blood Magic 8 Ball then, to quote the 8 Ball, outlook not so good. Like texting, this could potentially be a comfort thing, but that would mean his default setting is disengaged jerk. One of my favorite events in a new relationship is that first mention of doing something together in the future. Both men and women do this, of course, but if a guy is doing it while also dropping syllables and ignoring texts, then the writing is pretty much on the wall: He wants out. Unfortunately, what he isn’t thinking is, I should be a mature adult with a shred of human empathy and end it with her. Well, one tactic is to lay it out on the table—to ask point blank whether he wants to break up.
The problem with this is that, inevitably, when you finally approach him with your list of grievances, he’ll bob and weave like Muhammad Ali.
But the alternative is to stick it out with a spineless jerk and, unless you regularly kick puppies and throw rotten food at orphans, you definitely deserve better.

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