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You need to work on making some big changes, whether it's controlling an aspect of your personality that led to the downfall of the relationship, or to think about how you can change the dynamics of the relationship if it started again. If the problem was that you were jealous, you need to think about how you can be less jealous.
If he thought you were too bossy or controlling, you need to tone down that aspect of your personality. If the problem had to do more with him, then you can think about how you can be together again without this issue -- maybe he'll be willing to change. If you know you'll see him, look your best without being too obvious that you're dressing up for him. When you do run into him, greet him with a smile and a surprised look -- you were so busy having fun that you didn't even think about the possibility of him being around.
Pick a time when you know he's likely to be online -- if you know his schedule, you'll have a sense of when he's most likely to look at your pics.
If he just wants to keep you in the Friend Zone, then he won't act affectionate or loving towards you. Check out his Facebook or try to find out if he's seeing someone from mutual friends without being too obvious about it. Unless one problem in the relationship was your independence, you should be more independent than last time. If your ex is the one making the mistakes, gently remind him that whatever he's doing caused the same problem last time.
If you're insecure about the relationship ending again, your ex will be able to tell, and that will make him feel more uncertain, too.
Make sure you don't make yourself look stupid trying to impress him, flicking your hair, making him laugh etc. Whether he was the one who broke up with you, or you ended things and realized you made a big mistake, it's hard to make your boyfriend want to be with you again once things have ended. You may be dying to be back with your ex-boyfriend, but the worst thing you can do is hang around him incessantly, call him, or wink at him in class until he gets the picture. If you do catch yourselves at the same party, you don't have to be rude to him, but you shouldn't spend too much time talking to him.
While you distance yourself from your boyfriend, you'll be in a good position to reflect on the problems in the relationship.
Once you figure out what went wrong in the relationship -- which could be a combination of problems instead of just one -- it's time to think about how you can make things different next time.
Take some time to work out whatever problem may have ended your relationship, and just spend time enjoying your own company or hanging out with friends.

If you spend months addressing your issues and completely fall out of the picture, your ex may have moved on.
After enough time has passed and you feel that you both got some perspective, you should start giving your ex the opportunity to see you having a great time.
This doesn't work for everyone, but if you think that having your ex see you with another guy, or just flirting with a group of guys, will make him want to be around you even more, than go for it.
Without being too obvious, post some photos of you having a great time with your friends, you at the beach, or even you hanging out with a few guys.
As you start hanging out maybe once, or twice a week, let him see that whatever quality he didn't like about you or about your relationship is no longer there. He may be seeing someone else and is just talking to you to be nice or because he wants to be friends. If your ex starts to flirt with you and picks up on the fact that you want him again, he may just ask you out again if he's feeling it too.
Don't build your social schedule around your boyfriend's, and spend more time with friends or just doing your own thing. Don't think of this as Part Two of your relationship saga -- think of it as two people starting completely over while being better equipped to deal with any challenges that come their way. It's important to work on yourself to improve your relationship as long as both people are doing the work. It's okay to address your flaws, but not to completely transform for the sake of a relationship. If you'd been back with your ex for a while and something just isn't right, then it may be true that you did break up for a good reason, after all. With the lousy economy nobod wants to guess about their i miss my ex girlfriend so much poems in that sticks up gets hammered down. It will help you gauge this about your i miss my ex girlfriend so much what should i do agrees with your i miss my ex girlfriend so much yahoo. If you want to get your man back, then you have to figure out what it was that went wrong so you don't do it all over again. You don't want to make your ex boyfriend want you back if you'll just run into the same problems and drama all over again.
Make a list of three flaws that you'd like to change about yourself, and slowly start to address them. Starting going to the parties where he goes, or run into him with a friend at his favorite coffee shop or bar. This will make your ex remember how great you look and feel sad that he doesn't hang out with you anymore.

Move on from the casual hello to a short conversation, and then even stick around and chat with him for ten or even twenty minutes. Or if you think he's liking hanging out with you again, you can just be bold and tell him how you feel, and then start dating him again if he feels the same way.
But you shouldn't change yourself completely just to fit some image of what your ex wanted from you. I’m paying a fraction comes from having other mentors depend on what you can do with i miss my ex girlfriend so much yahoo. How To Flirt With Your Ex Wife At School It is very clear that I have an i miss my ex girlfriend so much poems.
If you get some distance, address the problem that led to the downfall of the relationship, and improve yourself, then you'll have your ex-boyfriend back in no time. It takes a lifetime to grow as a person, but even taking small steps to become your ideal steps can help your relationship.
Don't be too obvious about it, but let him see you with your other friends and remember how much fun it is to hang out with you. Just let him see you flirting, tossing your hair back, or even getting on the dance floor with another guy or two.
When you're with your boyfriend again, remind yourself of what went wrong and try to prevent it from happening. Of course, if any fond memory of the past comes up, you should talk about it, but think of everything as starting anew. If the same problems are creeping up again, or you or your ex just aren't happy, then it may be time to take the relationship off life support.
If he flirts with you, tells you look nice, lightly touches you, or just always asks what you're up to or if you're seeing anyone else, then yeah, he probably wants you back.
If the problem was that you fought too much, then remind yourself to calm down when you have the urge to pick a fight. If your problem was that you were mean to his friends, try to be nicer, this time -- your man should be worth it.

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