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The prevention of injuries to pet’s joints and backs because of the use of our ramps and stairs is our greatest quest here at Puppy Stairs. Long said Rue ran away on the Fourth of July when she got spooked by fireworks in their neighborhood, and slipped under the backyard fence.
After giving Rue some water, Stowe put her on his shoulders and made his way back down the trail. The best way to diagnose an injured knee is the good old fashioned way: the physical exam by your vet. If the vet did not find significant movement in the knee, swelling or pain, she or he may recommend a short period of rest to see if this is just a seriously sprained knee, with the caveat that many of these knees do not improve and will need surgery. A small dog may do better with some ACL injuries without surgery, while a larger dog is most likely going to need surgical repair.

Many dogs limp continuously with a knee injury, never improving with conservative treatment, or their condition worsens.
He is slowly getting back to his old routines, tolerating his physical therapy every day, and should be back to normal by spring. Many times, the owner brings the dog in to me for what he thinks is a minor sprain, only to learn the upsetting news about dog ACL injuries. A vet cannot always diagnose the exact nature or extent of the knee injury, but can give you guidance on how to proceed. This is not usually practical for dogs, although we will probably be doing many more of these in the future as the technology becomes less expensive and more readily available.
Take-home message: Consider at least two opinions when your dog is diagnosed with an ACL injury, or ask your veterinarian if he or she is willing to talk in depth about ALL options available to you.

Injury to the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), also known as the cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), is all too common.
In the hands of a good surgeon, this surgery is recommended for many dogs, particularly dogs under fifty pounds. If done without complication, this surgery may result in less arthritic changes, and is often recommended for larger dogs.

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