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Sometimes being able to send out a quick text message to someone you know would definitely be helpful. Note: Sending an email is always free, but the person that receives the message will probably be charged for a text message.
To get started simply enter the SMS Gateway address in the same way that you would with an email address, compose your message, and then send it on its’ way. To use the SMS Gateway addresses shown here enter the 10 digit mobile phone number for the person you are sending a message to in front of the appropriate address (i.e. I can create and send text messages in my Verizon phone which get chopped off when I send to my Tracfone, and some carriers like to break up larger messages into multiple smaller messages. Most of mobile carriers offer free Email To SMS gateways which can be used to forward simple text emails to a mobile phones. You just need to know the number and the carrier of the recipient to start emailing them to mobile phone. Enter your mobile number to receive a free text message with the download link for the app.
What I also realized is that in addition to voice calls, I can also receive send and receive text messages from my Google Voice phone number for free!

Launching the app, I see a preview of the message that I can click on it to read the complete message.
With my Google Voice app, if I have my students’ mobile phone numbers, I can send them text messages for free from my Google Voice app.
I opted to not include a subject in my email as many phones don’t display the subject.
Here’s what the text message sent looks like, as well as the automated receipt send to subscribers confirming that they are subscribed. My company, Data24-7, offers a service which returns the email-to-sms gateway addresses for your phone numbers. One main advantage of this is that you can send SMS for free because most webservices are not free to use with your application.
I’ve always known there were methods to email a SMS message to all carriers but I had no desire to hunt down the email suffix for each carrier. Email messages rarely have limits and bubbly people might get carried away with too much fluff in the messages. I want to get someone to send me a text to go to my email from their phone which is not on wifi, and does not have a email ability. If you know your friends’ phone numbers and the carrier they are on then you can easily send emails to their cell phones directly from your email program.

And the good news, majority of those gateways are free and available to the general public.
I’ve recently been experimenting with providing my students the ability to contact me via text message (sms) as well as to allow them to opt-in to receiving course-related news and reminders as text messages from me.
As each student sends me their phone phone number and carrier, I lookup the SMS gateway for their carrier and add the sms email address to my list of email addresses for the class. New subscribers also receive the latest message posted to the Twitter account for the class.
It’a free and you never share your personal number with students and they never share theirs with you.
My principal was skeptical about these sites because he wanted to be able to monitor all outgoing messages from the teachers at the school.
Just fire up your favorite email account and get that message out using the SMS Gateway addresses that we have collected together for you.
That means users who try this method will also need to know who the cellphone service provider is, for 2 reasons (who has which gateway, who has which carrier), and nobody mentions message length limits.

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