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Mr Grieves-Cook, 36, was sent to ?30,000-a-year Hurstpierpoint College, a boarding school in West Sussex whose alumni include TV presenter Jamie Theakston and former First Sea Lord and Chief of the Defence Staff Admiral Michael Boyce.He later worked as a chef in some of London’s leading restaurants before returning to Africa in 1998, where he became a top fashion, travel and commercial photographer.
It is an extraordinary, macabre journey into darkness for the 29-year-old, who grew up as a normal teenager in Aylesbury before meeting Jermaine Lindsay, a British Muslim, in an online chat room when she was 17. Known to her devoted followers as dada muzungu – Swahili for white sister – Lewthwaite moved to Kenya with her three children in 2007.A small, dumpy woman, she cut off all links with her family in Britain and became immersed in East Africa’s Islamic terror networks, forging links with other British fanatics who had come to Kenya to wage ‘jihad’ against non-believers. Kenya and Tanzania.Meanwhile, the group she is allied to continues to wreak havoc in the region.

A Kenyan woman (pictured) who claims a man raped and infected her with HIV at a party recently admitted to sleeping with more than 300 men in revenge, the Kenyan Daily Post reports.
A post mortem examination has concluded that he died from multiple injuries sustained in the fall.The Grieves-Cooks are one of Kenya’s most prominent white families and are believed to have been living in the East African country for several generations.
Other attackers identified on the Twitter account were from Finland, Kenya, Somalia, Canada and America.
He was remanded in custody for seven days after police asked for time to file a murder charge.

We went clubbing in town and got drunk with some senior students then went back [to] hostels for party round 2,” she continued. He just said he was in the police station locked up and that they thought he had killed his girlfriend.

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