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Ask any love expert what the main cornerstone of a relationship is, and you will likely hear the same thing: communication.
Please note that this isn't what ALL men think about when it comes to love and relationships. Men have just as many wants and fantasies in the bedroom as women (though likely not quite as vivid), but many men are unsure or embarrassed to share them or act on them — even if she wants it. But for so many people, communication means to speak, when the real keys to a successful relationship is active listening and empathy. In truth, the fact that she creates havoc and drama for you — and that he feels the stress when it spills out into your relationship with him —bothers him. It doesn't matter if they are in a relationship or if they are happy with the women they love.

The result is that both parties can stop putting in the effort they had when they first entered the relationship.
If you ask for honesty (not insults; just his honest accounting of something), criticizing him will only create distance.
But if he's constantly searching for what you want and never really hits the mark, he will give up. I asked 500+ men what they thought about but were afraid to share with their significant others.
And while both parties should put their best foot forward to keep passion alive, men were clear that they are missing the women they met at the beginning.
He will interpret that response as it being unsafe to share what's on his mind, and he will stop sharing for fear of judgment and criticism.

Seek some serious Relationship Advice for Men from us - we're really set up to deal with real life and real Relationship Advice for Men experiences.
But if you DO want to forgive him for something he's done, you need to find a place in between Strong and Weak. It might take him some getting used to, but the burden of everyday life challenges is something many men want to share.

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