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How To Handle Every Situation During The No Contact Rule- A Comprehnsive Guide You are using an outdated browser. Before I get into anything too serious lets take a moment and go over what a no contact rule is. When I first started to research NC (no contact) I compiled all of my research and discovered the length of time that many of the experts agreed was ideal, 30 days. Now, I run a fairly large website (Ex Boyfriend Recovery) and have literally seen people go through the no contact rule thousands of times. So, what I have done is compiled a list of guidelines that you should follow when you implement your own no contact rule.
You see, one of the biggest risks of doing no contact is the fact that if you let it go on for too long it will make your attempt to get your ex girlfriend back harder than it needs to be.
If you were to ask me personally which one of these three no contact time periods I would choose I would definitely say the 30 day rule is the best one.
Just because she believes that it doesn’t mean that the no contact rule isn’t working it just means you are going to have to extend the NC rule a bit to amp up its affect on her. 45 days is the highest amount of period that I would recommend going on a stubborn woman who doesn’t contact you during the NC rule.
There are a few more things about no contact that I feel we need to discuss before we can move on. In the rare event that you live with your ex girlfriend you can’t really do no contact without seem like a total D-Bag. In this section I am going to teach you exactly what you need to do during the no contact period to give yourself the best chance to succeed in getting your ex girlfriend back. I think probably the best way to start this is to talk about the importance of working during the no contact rule. Whichever no contact rule you choose to do I feel it is really important for me to mention that this is not a vacation and this isn’t going to be easy. In fact, you are going to be tempted so many times to contact your ex that at times you will probably get depressed but whatever happens DO NOT DO IT! Another thing that really annoys me about you guys (yes I am talking to you) is that you think this no contact period alone will be enough to get your ex girlfriend back.
I know no matter what I say here some men will read this and go right into no contact rule. So, the big revelation I want you to take from this section is the fact that I am going to put you to work during your no contact rule but I promise it will pay off in the end BIG TIME!

Those sections are crucial because what you are going to be doing during the no contact rule is going to tie directly into them.
I have given advice out to men before where I told them to “use the no contact rule to improve.” Well, they automatically assumed that I meant they weren’t good looking enough and ripped me a new one. Your action item during the no contact rule when it comes to looks is to not get enamored with them.
Not only will your physical appearance improve but working out will do something else incredible for you.
There are going to be a lot of moments during the no contact rule where you are going to struggle. That means if you are planning on coming out with a bearded look after your no contact period that would be a bad idea. So far we have gone over what women find attractive and what you need to be doing during the no contact rule.
Now, before I can give you examples of specific text messages to use we have to go over a few of the rules. However, since we already know that you are no longer dating your ex there are certain rules that you have to abide by. Now that you kind of know the rules behind texting lets talk about what you need to do to build attraction.
I am going to go over exactly how you can properly “romance” your ex girlfriend after the no contact period. The NO CONTACT RULE after dating a Sociopath or Narcissist is not meant to be a punishment!
The NO CONTACT RULE after dating a Sociopath or Narcissist is not meant to be a punishment! Posted by positivagirl on July 23, 2015 in Do Not break No Contact, No Contact, sociopath and tagged abuse, addiction, co-dependancy, domestic violence, healing, narcissist, no contact, psychopath, psychopath narcissist, recovery, sociopath, spiritual.
I stopped the contact, and now it’s not part of my game, but I just don’t want anything to do with this leach, a person whom I trusted, while everything was only very cheap theater. The idea is to time no contact perfectly so that they are literally hungering for you to message them. It doesn’t mean she doesn’t care it just means that she is really set on this idea that the guy is the one that has to make contact first. Of course, the big mistake that they make is the fact that consider the no contact rule to be a vacation and they won’t do anything during it.

In this section we are going to be talking about everything that goes on after the no contact period. If you do this, it will take far longer, and one day you will grow tired of holding your breath, and could break no contact.
To add on to that you are also not allowed to reach out to your ex at all during the no contact rule. This is essentially the same exact thing as no contact except you are allowed to break the NC for conversations that are only about your kids. You are going to have to do more (which I will be covering.) Think of the no contact rule as the first big stepping stone to success. I am under the assumption that since I am too weak to stop all contact after dealing with the repeated hurt, lies and betrayal for 3 yrs that I need professional help.
A mutual old friend had contacted me and said he had met up with my ex and his new girlfriend (the woman he left me for). I will continue to arm and inform myself with as much knowledge as I can to reassure myself and in addition block his number and try my best to maintain no contact.
He’s probably upset that you are only contacting him about money not about anything sweet. The first few texts after no contact should be texts to see where his head is at.Guys cringe when they have to give up money.
It’s ok though, just continue with your no contact and try the test text after the 30 days.
He answered nicely the first time because I asked him how his court things are going– he answered saying that he is working towards being positive and that he hopes I am well.
Reply Chris August 25, 2015no you will just have to go back into no contact for a week and try again.
Yes I think No contact could help but personally I think you should date someone without that kind of baggage or at least someone that has been divorced for at least a year. I’d be so thankful to uou Reply Chris August 13, 2015Continue with the 30 days no contact.

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