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The Definitive Guide To The Male Mind During No Contact- Ex Boyfriend Recovery You are using an outdated browser. Everytime after no contact (the first time it was a month,the others less) that i inciate contact he responds kind of neutral or other times he doesnt respond until i put some pressure on him.
Yesterday after about 3-4 weeks of no contact at all i ended up texting and then went by his place even spending the night into his arms.
My concern is that this will remind him of the bad parts in our relationship if I completely stop contact bearing in mind overcoming the resistance you speak about in one of your guides.

Honestly, I think its best for me to move on than hopefully wait for a man whom i cant even tell What To Do When The No Contact Rule Doesn't Work- Ex Boyfriend Recovery You are using an outdated browser.
He reacted by telling me that this is becoming too overwhelming for him and he needs a break.I implemented the NC for 30 days, and during he has tagged me in a Facebook post of a video we used to watch, as well as liking a few of my posts. I heeded your advice and waited for 40 minutes to send the next text, but he seemed a little pissed at the extended delay, and he ignored my second text. He is emotionally unavailable and has the reputation of being a cheater–in fact, when we first met, I had two of his former lovers tell me all about what a weasel he is.

I tried not to respond, but other websites (which shall remain nameless!) said that 30 days was too long and if he contacted me I should respond so he doesn’t think I am angry.
However, we still talked during that period and I thought we both stil had feelings for each other.

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