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Miss Hill says she stayed with him because she was petrified of what he would do if she ended the relationship. He suddenly pulled back the covers to reveal he was naked, then pushed her on to the bed and ‘had his way’ with her.
Internet celebrity Curtis Lepore, best known from the video-sharing site Vine, has been charged with raping his former girlfriend and fellow online star Jessi Smiles while she was sleeping.
I wanted to be 1st n let yall know the real.'And his fans will indeed look at him a little differently, after BowWow revealed: 'Yes!

Just weeks after the romantic encounter in the sun-drenched Manhattan park, Vine’s first celebrity couple abruptly split up, leaving their followers to wonder what had gone wrong. Within a year, Philpott had taken her virginity.A few weeks after his girlfriend’s 16th birthday, he encouraged her to elope with him to Derby. Aint as bad as I thought hahaha.'One website published what they claimed to be a picture of the rapper with his daughter, but BowWow denies it is genuine and says he won't be allowing Shai into the public eye. Smiles and Lepore exchanged flirtatious videos last summer before deciding to meet in person in New York City in early August 2013.The emerging web stars turned their first face-to-face date into a Vine meetup, inviting other users to join them in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park.

He wanted custody of the boys, but was never going to get it.On December 23, 2002, the family court agreed the boys should stay with their mother. Both Lepore and Smiles have addressed the incident on their respective Twitter and Vine accounts.

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