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Two in three (65 per cent) deem it acceptable to flaunt their new unattached status by changing their Facebook profile to 'single' within the first month of a break-up, while one in five (18 per cent) would happily change their Facebook status to 'in a relationship' with someone new within the first month.Similarly, nearly a third (30 per cent) say that it's OK to upload and tag pictures with a new love interest within the first month of a break-up. Psychologist and behavioural expert, Professor Craig Jackson, of Birmingham City University determined that: 'These findings confirm what many psychologists have suspected about those who have grown up surrounded by social media - that they fall in "digital love" quickly (that is, to provide on-line confirmation and validation of a new relationship) but are just as capable of falling out of it quickly too, and with some clinical precision. Exchanging confidences at a Pilates class has opened a door into women's private lives for CLARE CAMPBELL.This week, Justine tells the class that after leaving her boyfriend of three years to live with someone else, she now finds herself madly jealous of her ex's new partner. Like I said, I have heard that question a lot throughout my tenure here at Ex Girlfriend Recovery. Basically the way it works is I list off a bunch of reasons or things that your ex girlfriend can do that will give you an indication she is over you. Ok, lets say that are three types of behaviors that your ex girlfriend will exhibit to show you that she isn’t interested in you anymore. Lets pretend that after your breakup with your ex girlfriend you decide to implement a few of the texting strategies found here. You are super pumped about it because that guide is the best one you have ever found… EVER. Anyways, enough of this set up lets talk about the outlook for a situation where your ex girlfriend is ignoring your text messages. In other words, there is a 75% chance that you will fail to get your ex girlfriend back in this particular situation. Ok, imagine that instead of your ex girlfriend completely ignoring you every time you text her she actually responds to you. Now, for those of you who are new to this site I suggest you read this entire article about my rules on text messaging.
Ideally when you are starting a texting campaign to get your ex girlfriend back the be all end all isn’t just getting a response from her. Basically an uninvolved response occurs when someone responds out of courtesy and doesn’t even really care about the conversation.
So, what does it mean if your ex girlfriend follows this behavior by saying really mean things to you or telling you that she hates you. If we are looking at this situation from a purely percentage standpoint then I would say that there is a 60% chance that your ex girlfriend is over you if she exhibits this behavior. Because, in my experience it is always worse if an ex girlfriend completely ignores you as opposed to saying mean things to you.

For example, if I was to try to get over someone the way I think would be most effective for me would be to completely cut that person out of my life.
Lets say that after dating for two years that your ex girlfriend starts dating a new guy one year after your breakup.
For example, if indeed your ex girlfriend ends up moving on really quickly after a long intense relationship with you then there is a high probability that she isn’t over you yet.
In this particular instance I would say that you can expect your ex girlfriend to be over you by 50%.
Now, the percentage of your ex girlfriend being over you if she is dating someone new and is NOT in a rebound relationship is much higher.
Oh, and the best part is that the more we fought the more toxic our relationship would become.
But let’s fast forward to after the inevitable breakup and say that you are trying to win your ex girlfriend back but every time you try anything the two of you get into an argument. So, I have decided to assign a 70% chance that your ex girlfriend is over you in this case. This graphic represents a very brief simplified look at the main process I teach to men to get their ex girlfriends back. In fact, things seem to be going so well that you think it would be a great idea to ask your ex girlfriend out on a date or at the very least a very non threatening cup of coffee. Every time you reschedule your date with your ex girlfriend she always seems to stand you up at the last minute.
You will never get your ex girlfriend back if you can’t get the in person encounter at some point. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. I had a great relationship with my girlfriend for almost 4 years – with ups and downs, like everything else.
But this pubic display of moving on goes both ways: nearly a fifth (17 per cent) think it acceptable to 'stalk' an ex-partner's social media channels for evidence they are with someone new. Not everything is going to go your way 100% of the time but if your ex girlfriend ignores 100% of your attempts to reach out to her or to make amends that means that in her mind she is ready to move on from you which really hinders your chances for winning her back. For example, if I assign a 100% value to a situation it means that your ex girlfriend is 100% over you.

Well, two weeks later you hear from a friend that she is in a relationship with a guy that she has just met. However, if your ex girlfriend moves on to someone new after years apart from you then there is a high probability that she is over you. So my girlfriend and I broke a little over 2 months ago and I’ve done everything on this website.
I was with this girl for 16 months and now a few weeks back she told me that I held back her progress and she felt binded with me. I am talking about if you have been trying to talk to your ex girlfriend for months and still get this attitude of bit*hiness and these pathetic one word responses. But it was too late since she moved on with another guy and it hurts me so much given that i found them having sex in the guy’s room. If you find that your ex is not engaging in any of the behaviors below then that may be an indicator that your chances with your ex girlfriend are really good.
Which also put alot of pressure on my ex also the fact that she hadnt moved as many times as we did in those four years for her entire life. One went something like this- he still had feelings for me and found it tough to agree to a friendship. A week ago, she and I got in a little argument over her saying some things with lack of touch. At first I was so thrilled to be with my new lover that I didn't give much thought to how Rob was feeling.
Then last week, only three months since we split up, I saw him in the street with his new girlfriend. In the beginning of the relationship I had found nasty texts that she said were before we started going out. So please look at what you mean when you claim to 'love' someone, before you decide what to do.
Currently we are having to get bills and stuff situated so we are having a lil contact but she asked if I would half the money for the divorce by next week.

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