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Lets say that you have decided that you want to get your ex girlfriend back but she has blocked you from all forms of communication and your plan for getting her back revolves heavily around the two of you talking. I want you to look at this page as the ultimate cheat sheet for getting your ex girlfriend to unblock you. You need to have some way of communicating with her for you to be able to even have a chance of getting her back.
So, the purpose of this guide isn’t to teach you ALL the steps of getting your ex girlfriend back. From there I would recommend picking up my book, Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO to learn the rest of the steps to getting her back.
Lets say that when you and your girlfriend were dating the two of you communicated frequently in three ways. Well, when you take that example then the worst case scenario would be what I like to call a full out block. Simple, it means that you are blocked to such an extent that you have absolutely no way of contacting your ex other than you turning into a creepy stalker and showing up at her door step. For example, if you had contacted your ex girlfriend through texting (on your phone), FaceTime, Facebook, Calling and Snapchat then you would be blocked in all of those areas. In other words, a full out block actually means you have NO WAY of talking to your ex girlfriend. Above I mentioned that going forward we are going to assume that you are in a situation where you are already in a full out block.
For the record a partial block is a situation where you are blocked in most mediums but not all of them. So, if you were blocked on her phone, her email and WhatsApp but you were still friends on Facebook that would mean you still have a way of communicating with her.
But like I said above, most of you are probably curious as to how to get out of a full out block so for the rest of this article we are going to operate under the assumption that you are blocked fully by her. Lets move on to our next section which has to do with understanding what is going on in her mind during a block. I want you to walk a mile in your exes shoes because if you can understand her thought process for blocking you, you can better understand how you can get out of that situation. A woman isn’t going to go through the trouble of blocking you in the full out manner unless you have done something to warrant that kind of a block.
For example, if you made her super mad and called her a bunch of mean names then it can be easy to understand why she’d want to block you. I guess the point I am getting at here is that your ex girlfriend thought through her full out block on you. In fact, they hurt so much that imagining an ex girlfriend blocking you just because of the breakup is very possible. Men are constantly looking for answers when they are blocked out of the blue and it seems unwarranted.
Lets talk a little about specific actions you can take to improve your chances of making your ex girlfriend unblock you from a full out block.
What I can guarantee though is that if you follow my advice you will raise your chances to get your ex girlfriend to take the desired action you want which in this case means unblocking you.
In most cases if you do nothing your ex girlfriend will unblock you for a number of reasons. Lets pretend that you and your ex just broke up and as a result of that breakup she blocks you from contacting her.

She constantly finds herself asking her girl friends to log onto Facebook and see what you are doing.
Oh, and if you don’t believe this happens there is a friend that my wife has who has asked my wife to log on to her Facebook account, see what her ex is up to and report her findings back.
She blocks you from texting her, calling her, Facebooking her, IM’ing her, emailing her, snapchatting her, WhatsApping her, Skyping her and FaceTiming her. Now, you are pretty depressed upon discovering that she has cut you out of her life on purpose. For those of you who don’t know what the no contact rule is I suggest you pick up my book, Ex Girlfriend Recovery PRO and learn more about it.
The rule basically states that you perform the full out block on your ex except instead of preventing her from contacting you altogether you just ignore her when she does. Well, I teach most men to do the no contact rule first and foremost when they are trying to get an ex girlfriend back so that doesn’t exclude a man who is in a full out block from an ex. Lets move on to the second thing you can do to improve your chances of making an ex girlfriend unblock you.
You decide that you are going to contact your ex and tell her the good news but upon doing so you realize that you are in a full out block. Now, this is a very powerful tactic if used properly so we are going to dive in a bit deeper here.
The idea here is that the news is so shocking that your ex girlfriend has no choice but to unblock you and ask you about it. Remember, this text message is going to her best friend and it has to be so juicy that the friend is forced to share it. Because the more you talk to the friend the more likely she is to run back to your ex and talk about you and the more she talks about you the more likely it is that she shares the shocking thing you want her to share and the chances of your ex unblocking you to find out more about this shocking thing go up!
Thing #2 is probably my best piece of advice when it comes to getting your ex to break her full out block on you. Imagine that instead of sending a shocking message to your exes friend you took one of your own best friends aside and let him or her deliver the shocking message to your girlfriend.
If your ex catches on to what you are doing by sending a friend to get her to unblock you the chances that she will unblock you are slim to none.
Now, if you ask my opinion on what I would do if I was in your position I would use my friend as opposed to one of her friends. My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back.
I and my girlfriend both decided to go to other city for college and we both got admission there but at my time of admission I didn’t get admission first and because of that I didn’t talk to her for 2-3 days and then I did something and got admission there and when I messaged her she replied that ” You made me so distant from you that I made my own little world and I changed my priority of life, nowI have career as my first priority”. Hi Chris , i have been in No contact for nearly one and a half month , its been easy because she went full block on me , she did this after the 2 times i tries to make her come back with some gifts and details , she told me to stop so i stopped and she hoped that we still could be friends in school.
It wasn’t a bad relationship , lots of fun and maybe 6 little fights in 1 year 3 months but she said that me ignoring her after the problems was one of the big problems so she decided to break up with me , its been really painfull but i never given up i got a new cool job , exercised so much , learned to dance and assisted to therapy to help me with some other mom problems i think damaged the relationship. I feel like these texts will sum up my current position, the last being the one that inspired her to block me.
So this story started in last feb 2015 we are in a Med school down here and she came down here, we both are foreigners to this country, but this also my mother home country, she came about two months late since the college started, I saw her the first day and felt for her, I started slowing talking to her, and helping her out with her studies since she was late coming in…. All I wanna say is she is a good girl and I have respect for what she did to me, I never wanted to harm her and I never did, I always tried to keep her happy, even when my grandpa was in his dead bed, I was there for her …. What I learned is never do this much for any girl, they will break you either today or tomorrow and funny thing is she told me she didn’t wanted to hurt me but I thought that how could she possibly hurt me when I will give her my infinite love.

Two months down the track I understood why we broke up and when I stood in her shoe and it was the fact that I leave her to go to the gym in the morning rather than be with her. Hi Chris my girlfriend age 35 suggested in the last 2 months that we were together a total of 6 times that we should not see each other anymore. What To Do If Your Ex Boyfriend Blocks You On (The Phone, Facebook, WhatsApp, Etc) You are using an outdated browser. In other words, what I am saying is that if you are blocked by your ex girlfriend and have no way of getting in touch with her then you will fail. So, using the example above that would mean that you are blocked from talking to your ex girlfriend through her phone, WhatsApp and Facebook.
So, instead of contacting her you decide to contact her best friend since she is the only line of communication you have to her. I apologized to her, said so many things but nothing worked, she started ignoring my messages saying that she has college work and submission so she can’t talk, not picking my call, and worst part that she didn’t even let me wish her on her B’day, she didn’t let me call her and in morning I told her that I will come to your college if she will not listen to me and I dont know what happened and she blocked me, on Facebook, IM, everywhere and the next day was our anniversary. She told me she became like this because one day while talking to her I told ger that I don’t love her (I said her that because I was very stressed that day and later it became normal also, as I told her this a month ago), she told me that because I said her that, she switched off and she even warned me that if she switches off then it wull not be possible for me to get her back.
Never about her, but the way I see it if I really did hurt her with that last text then she would have told her about it, and my sister and other friends (who were, again, very critical of how I handled things before) saw my last text as a good thing to send and her blocking me was more because she was going through something at the time and maybe was seeing someone. I did a full block on an ex and was curious as to what the advice sites said about overcoming full block. We had broken up on and off numerous times but never anything serious and she had never blocked me, then the last straw came after an argument one day, and I went into panic mode doing every single mistake you could possibly make in nagging her constantly. I text her daily but she doesn’t reply, she just replied once “You treated me as an option so I left you as a choice, now there’s nothing left, stop messaging me”. I got two questions, her friend texted me a while back and I still have her number and her and I are not on really good terms as far as I know, but i know this friend is a lot closer to my ex then any of her other friends. First of all she told me there and then that I was to leave her alone for a while, as her holiday was coming up and she wanted to get away from it all and then she would speak to me, that then got me more and more wound up to get in touch with her and win her back before she went away because of the fear of what she could now do that she was single.
Would it be odd or out of place if i texted her out the blue and telling them to let my ex know I’m got my dream job (literally), i was thinking maybe if I act like gentlemen towards her friend that may force her to talk to my ex about. So I rang her over 100x a day off a blocked number, sent emails, online SMS text messages, basically any way to get around being blocked and it pissed her off even more and it got to the point that I tried to fight past her friends to try and get to her on a night out and ended up following her around the whole night until she went home, then the next day turned up at her work (in a shop) while she was on her own and had a rant at her for ignoring me, so she called her parents to the rescue and I left. Then I bombarded her with emails(only thing that wasn’t blocked) and got a call from her dad to tell me to leave her alone. I tried using other phones to call her last week To chat with her, but she sounded disinterested and said that she has lost interest in me.
I have been on non contact now for the 3rd day , and realize yesterday she has unblock me on Whatsap as I could see her online status .
In the meantime, I blocked his numbers, his email (complete with auto response) and every social media site out there.
But after she got home things changed and this one day her ex boyfriend texted me and I asked him about what happened between them and later that night I talked to her about it and she changed the topic and she told me that we needed to talk about something more important….
Then, though I had never called him before, I decided to call, and discovered that he had blocked my number. I haven’t experienced this kind of chemistry with someone for a long time, but it blows my mind that he would block my number so quickly and without warning.Cheers, and keep up the good work!

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