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I know a guy is allowed to have female friends, so I'm trying to find a way to be okay with this. Worse case scenario: you run out of options and start letting him know you're going to hang out with your friends' boyfriend. I think if this situation does become suspicious, he will stop telling you that he's hanging out with her. My boyfriend has a number of female friends, but he doesn't really hang out with them one on one and I get nothing but positive vibes from them.
So my boyfriend and I have been dating for almost two years and while this is not my first long-term relationship, it is for him.
I have caught him in a lie before, saying he was somewhere when in fact he was out elsewhere, which raises my insecurity and questioning of him. I think my jealous feelings are stemming from the fact that my boyfriend stole me away from my last boyfriend. Other details: we've all known each other since elementary, the other couple has been dating for 3 years and have a place together, my boyfriend tells me when he hangs out with her so it's not like he's being secretive . Post it anonymously to Group Therapy for advice, and check out what else is happening in the TresSugar Community. I'm finding that there are a lot of people who have issues with boundaries within relationships.

It's clear he's immature enough not to fully respect you as his GF, and although you say that he tells you he's going to hang out with her, just the fact that he's alone with her should raise red flags. We would always hang out together (alone) while I was dating my ex bf, and one day he came onto me saying he had always had feelings for me, and here we are now. Part of me thinks that your boyfriend is trying to send you a message, I mean, how could he NOT know that this would be upsetting to you. As your boyfriend, he should be thinking about how you would feel if he continues to hang out with him. When you go into a relationship, you have to understand three things: respect, honesty and trust, and right now he's hanging on the honesty wire, since that's the only one he's staying true to. And I am not sure if it is like this because he hasn't really experienced a relationship or he just doesn't care. I am very laid back and don't question him, but after finding out about the lie, I have become this crazy, insecure person.
Since we do everything all together all the time, this would be like if I randomly started hanging out with his best friend alone. I guess I look at this like, well once I was that "just a friend's girlfriend" girl, and he had feelings for me the entire time. I say you should tell him exactly how you feel and if he doesn't want to change his behavior then you should probably end it with him.

For one, only those two know what goes on behind them closed doors, and for you and the other boyfriend, that can't be a good sign. In turn, you wouldn't hang out with your friends' boyfriend because you know it would make him feel uncomfortable. I wouldn't let him get the better of me twice, especially since he had the guts to do it to your ex boyfriend already.
His excuse is that it is guys' night out (which I know for a fact there are girls there) and that it is his night. You can talk to him all you want, but like I said, there's always going to be taht part of him that has the ability to know he can do what he did to your ex boyfriend, again. Both sides should be able to feel comfortable with each other, and know that they'll be there with them, and only them.

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