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For me, the hardest part about moving to a new place is finding a community—a feeling of belonging. Yet, despite my need for alone time, each time we moved to a new city my husband and I felt the loss of our former community of friends profoundly. What I didn’t anticipate was that when you start getting older the number of opportunities to meet new people shrinks.
In my early twenties it was easy to meet new people, either in class or at work, who were likeminded and interesting. Although, never as acutely as when we moved to New Mexico where the skies are big, the chile is green or red or Christmas, and we had no family or friends to speak of.

Three years ago my husband, cat and I moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico where we knew exactly no one.
I especially missed my girlfriends and dreaded the inevitable desperate longing to fit in with a new group of ladies.
We spent months waffling between casual get-togethers with people from school and nights alone cuddling our cat and new puppy and one another.
We left behind New York City, jobs in office buildings, food that came right to our door, and a community of friends we loved. I’ve never been very good on the phone and I tend to require a lot of time to simply sit and think or read, so my lasting friendships are with those people who are okay with the fact that I can, at times, be MIA.

I was taking a seminar on Contemporary American Novels and the woman I was sitting next to who I knew but wasn’t close to invited me to dinner with her at a friend’s house. During my twenties I lived in California, Oregon, New York and New Mexico, never staying in one place longer than a couple of years.

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