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Love is… started out as love notes between New Zealand cartoonist Kim Casali and her future husband Roberto back in the 60s.
As I grew older, I don’t find myself yearning to go back to the house where I spent my childhood. Whether it is your first home, where your parents are, or where you’re going to end up, you find your home through love.
This song is most famously known as one of Johnny Cash’s greatest hits, but it was interesting to learn that June Carter actually wrote the song and recorded her own version. Note: We do not store your email address(es) but your IP address will be logged to prevent abuse of this feature. Every idea for a date you've ever come up with probably falls short of 4-year old Bennet's, who invited a girl over to show her a magic trick and battle robots.
To get around her shyness Kim would leave drawings of the two of them with little messages under his pillow or tucked into a pocket. It was great getting to explore some of the most iconic country music places in Texas, while being able to keep up with country music on a more national level. I love this letter for many reasons but mostly because he shared his experiences in a way that made me see how much he understood these men at Folsom Prison. Lady A describes packing up and leaving behind her small town to find her dreams elsewhere.
However, June’s swing with her voice and lively personality drew my attention in a song with repetitive melodic lines.

Her version of this song is unique in her subtle vibrato, use of dynamic contrast at the end of each line, and her hints of swing between notes.
While the song is sad and could get monotonous, June Carter’s voice is upbeat and positive, implying that she has emotional strength to get through depressing times. The man approaches the woman and tells her “I think you’ve got my chair.” The song progresses along with their conversation.
This weekend, I watched Walk the Line for the first time and while I was impressed with the story of Johnny Cash, I was particularly struck by Reese Witherspoon and her portrayal of June Carter.
In his last public appearance he said, “The spirit of June Carter overshadows me tonight with the love she had for me and the love I have for her. However, instead of wanting to steal her back he realizes that he is not the guy to make her happy. It’s a house full of memories and pen stains of marked heights, similar to the handprints on the front steps that Lambert references in her song.
At the end of this song, there is a realization that stresses the underlying meaning of establishing a home: love.
June was a popular female singer, having gained fame from her early performances with the Carter Family. On the back of the record was a copy of a letter Cash had written about prison and his experiences in prison. Her portrayal in the film is more focused on her relationship with Cash, but her talent as a singer is also notable.

It is an out door venue where people can stand close to the stage or sit back and relax at some picnic tables.
Cash’s letter to her on her birthday is one for the records according to Taste of Country, Rolling Stones, Huffington Post and more. She came down for a short visit, I guess, from heaven to visit with me tonight to give me courage and inspiration like she always has.” You can’t tell me that you don’t want a love like Johnny and June’s. In addition, one of my favorite things about going to both these concerts was being able to see a band that embodies Texas Country while the other one has made her success in Nashville. I was able to experience two country concerts through this project that have two totally different backgrounds. I went this past weekend to take a picture and had to wait in a line, granted it wasn’t a long line, but still there were other people wanting to get their picture with Willie. It is very neat to see how the Austin community honors Willie, with not only the statue but also naming a street after him and building the new Willie Nelson exhibit in football stadium.

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