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This may be the first time in history that true love sprung from a desperate looking guy's passport picture being taped to a few hundred of light poles.
I saw a real life guy last week sitting at the corner of 14th street and 4th avenue, holding a sign saying he's looking for a wife. Just minutes after posting a story about knockoff “Looking for a Girlfriend” fliers, we stepped outside to discover that Dan Perino, the OG, is back on the scene, having posted the above flier today.
Perino is hoping to parlay that notoriety into funding for the documentary (“I’m thinking about trying to get on a nighttime show to ask for funds”), but he says it’s a double-edged sword as far as his dating life goes. He’s looking for a girlfriend in a non-traditional way, plastering posters all over Manhattan. Guinness told me I hit the world record for most media attention of anybody in the entire history of history from a flyer being posted.

I called him up and made plans for coffee to see if he'd had more luck with women than with crowdsourcing. We need to have everything worked out, everything planned, all the money ready, everything paid for to shoot in January.
I get all these phone calls like, "Good luck" and people screaming outta their car windows, "'Ey, we're rootin' for ya!" I dunno, I don't see it. It didn't piss me off, but like, it'd been three years since I had a girlfriend, and something clicked. I'll send a car for you." So a stretch limo pulls up, real big, and goes to 59th Street, the Plaza Hotel. I saw two guys once on a flyer, and they didn't even leave a phone number, they just said, "If you see us walking around the East Village, give us a holler." I saw one guy and he had a piece of paper over the bottom of his face, and his also said "looking for a date"--not girlfriend, but "date," and he said he was a very good looking guy, but you could only see half his face.

They know who I am, I post the flyer right in front of them, and they're like, "You're the guy!
I said "Listen, I'm looking for a relationship, I'm not looking to just get laid," and she gets very frustrated.
If you don't have a foundation in a relationship to become boyfriend and girlfriend--if you're only having sex--it's just gonna be a one-night gig.

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