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Think about what made you fall in love with him and why you want him back and don't beg him to take you back. If you decide that the relationship is worth saving, you must put in effort to win him back.
Dressing in your comfort zone may result into your ex thinking that you're secure and relaxed so he will feel at ease around you. If he's mad at you for your personality, try to be nicer and kinder, but don't change you're entire personality.
If you really do have genuine feeling for this boy, then maybe you should just get it off your back and tell him.
If he is happier with his new girlfriend, and nothing works, become happier with someone else, this will show you are strong and can move forward.
Think about whether you really want him back or if you are somehow deluding yourself because he seems untouchable. Do not come up with "behind his back" plots; that will just drive him, and other people, to think you are rude and immature. Realize that he may not want you back and accept this as a possibility, remember that he may still have feelings for you. Meet Grahamster, a student from Ohio who has been on wikiHow for over 5 years and has written 83 articles. Be aware of how people perceive you, but don't try to change yourself in an attempt to change their perspective of you.
If he talks about good times he had with an ex while in your presence, it's not a big deal. Give each other some space after the breakup so you both have time to figure out if you really do want the relationship back.
If he starts pulling away from you because he wants sex or likes to do drugs, and you do not, don't try to change him to make it work.
If there's a pattern of breaking up and getting back together, there's something wrong with the relationship that needs to be fixed.
If you are able to get him back, make sure you have determined what went wrong the first time, and work on that problem or you will end up back at square one. Meet Colie, a wikiHow Admin, New Article Booster, Welcomer, and Featured Author from the US who has been part of the community for over five years.
If he really wants to get back with you, you only need to change what you were doing wrong.

Don't sit there and think of memories from the past, this is just throwing dirt on yourself. If you focus your attention on a new activity, you will have less time to miss your ex-boyfriend.
Don't try too hard if you know he's not into you, you will just waste your time, and worse, you could even look foolish. This will be a determining factor in whether you get your ex back, keep him as a friend, or have him walk out of your life forever. You can't make another person love you, but you can try to understand things leading to the break up from the perspective of your ex. This will show him that you respect yourself, and he may respect you more than he ever did. So, just pamper yourself so that, by the time of your next confrontation, you'll look stunning.
But, if he has moved on to another girl, don't try to pick fights with that girl or sleep with him behind her back. If you aren't busy, then text him back, if you're doing something, text or call him when you finish. If he ever uses an unusual or uncommon word, use it also in your conversations, but don't be strangely obvious about it. Ask him if you can talk now that you've have a break from the relationship and you've both had time to reflect on it. If you think he still likes you, back off and give him time, then gradually work up to re-establishing communication.
If your boyfriend has always been faithful to you but you get jealous every time he even looks at another girl, you're letting him know that even though he's trustworthy, you don't trust him. You'll need to forgive yourself for your part in the breakup, then move forward to seek his forgiveness.
When it comes to the time to confront your ex-boyfriend about the whole mis-happening, don't beg and plead for him to take you back. Knowing that your ex still cares about you is the most important sign that things can still be mended. Just be patient and make it easy for him to approach you without feeling nervous, apprehensive, or unsure of how you'd handle it. If you are still in contact, your ex boyfriend will notice that you are actively pursuing other interesting activities.

If you lose your temper and say things you don't mean, pull yourself together as quickly possible and apologize sincerely. Don't let other people tell you what to do about the situation by them saying he's not worth it because you should follow your own heart and if you love him, try to win him back. When it comes to the wikiHow community, he loves how everyone is genuinely concerned for each other’s well being, and he appreciates the advice he himself has received from articles like How to Approach a Girl. Couples who break up and then get back together almost always feel an even deeper connection than they did the first time around; they've resolved issues together so the thing that tore you apart is no longer a problem. If he left you for another girl or left another girl for you, but was upfront and honest about it, this means he can be trusted.
If he persists you'll need to tell him why in a calm and nice way, and don't lie about your reason to make it easier. If he was cheating on you or another girl, this shows he still lacks the maturity to have a loving committed relationship. Also, if you're the one who broke up with him and you want him back, think of why you broke up with him in the first place and try to fix that. If any of these things happened, you'll want to think long and hard about going back into that kind of relationship, but if you do still want him back there are things you can do to help make that happen. You need to understand that even though he initiates the breakup, there is a good chance that he still harbors good feelings for you and you can build on that if you don't burn your bridges. If you do this to just to get a chance to talk to him about the relationship you used to have or to drop hints that you want him back, he'll think you had ulterior motives all along and feel manipulated, because you've shown him that you did in fact blatantly do this even if it wasn't how you wanted to come across.
However, if he initiates it while your out, follow his lead but don't get too emotional or try to make him feel guilty. And that's okay, after all, a mature relationship is much better when both the boy and girl act maturely toward each other. If he goes into a rant on how bad she was and slams her, one day he will be talking about you the same way.

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