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So this will be totally unfair to say that you have no chance to get your ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend.
First of all you need a break after the break up and you are supposed to give some relaxation time to your ex boyfriend. Your boyfriend lost interest in you and dumped you because there was a girl he was hitting on during the relationship. So if nothing is helping you, discuss your situation with me and let’s find out a solution together to get your ex boyfriend back. You are not going to contact your ex at any cost and in any form if you are pretty sure to get your ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend.
You don’t have to spoil yourself if you want to get your ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend.
Yes I guess you like your hairstyle but remember your ex has already seen you in this hair and he is fed up with it. I bet if your ex is in a relationship, there is a less chance he will be thinking about you. Now he has wondered about you and he curious what are you doing these days and what thing has stopped you from texting and calling him. So the main purpose of all the sharing stuff is just to let your ex know about you enjoying your life.
Beside expressing your routine through Facebook,twitter or any other media content, you also need to get involved in things physically.
If you are a worker or a job person, do try to get yourself a break from work and go out with friends and party. Right now, there is a greater probability that your ex boyfriend is in a rebound relationship and his relationship with his new girlfriend would not last very long.
During the ‘No Contact’ period, you need to work on your personality to bring out a newer and fresher version of yourself. So I hope you have had a glance on these points and there is no irregularity from your side. As I have already discussed that there is a plenty of chance that your ex is in a rebound relationship that is less likely to last long.
Here the plan is a bit cunning but if you are determined to act upon my advice then I guarantee that if you succeed in this plan, you have almost won your ex back. You should at least work a week or two to complete your observation discussed above so that the results you get are more precise and comprehensive. Sit down,take a pen and paper and start writing your observations starting from the first point i.e her activities. So above mentioned cases might not be exact in your case as I have just given you a demo how you are going to work on your observations. As I already mentioned in this ‘Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back if He has a Girlfriend’ guide that no relationship is perfect at all especially if it is new.

So here we find out three loopholes at once and the good news is that the more loopholes you find, the more easy it is going to be for you to win your ex boyfriend back. I don’t know what loopholes you have found in your ex’s new relationship as story is different in every case so I am going to give you a generalized guide. The plan here is to highlight your edges and meanwhile hit the weaknesses that his new girlfriend has.
As an example, the text Jessica will throw to Chris, in which she will make him think about her positively and meanwhile think a bit weird about his new girlfriend.
Chris replies the text which clearly depicts he is missing the ‘Dirty Pussy’ fun that he used to call names to Jessica’s pet. The purpose of using loophole texts is to find a conversation opener as well as make your ex boyfriend regret about the break up. Yeah its time that you find the loopholes and use them wisely like Jessica and open a conversation that will later lead you to get your ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend.
After you have opened up the conversation with your ex boyfriend, your job is to invoke that re attraction for you in his heart that he once had.
Make you ex boyfriend attracted to you and gradually get distracted from his new girlfriend.
This entry was posted in Uncategorized and tagged ex boyfriend back, get your ex boyfriend back, getting your ex back, getting your ex boyfriend back, how I get my ex back, how to, how to win him back, win your ex back by saksare. Rather I will say that you have 90% chance to win him back if and only if you do as directed.
The reason might include your inappropriate attitude (you never know) or he was fed up with the relationship and he later got a new girl. But in the second case, you will have to be on the edge all the time if you want to get your ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend.
While you are not contacting your ex and working on yourself, you have to show him that he is not your world.
So use your whatsapp as a tool to let your ex boyfriend know that you are happier without him. If you are still friends with your ex on facebook, utilize it and keep your ex updated about your fun times that you are having. If she is in your college, you can easily find it through her friends (not very close friends or she will get your smell).
And in your boyfriend case, the relationship is new and most probably a rebound one, so I bet there must be at least one loophole in this relationship. Now just relax and write down all the loopholes that you can find in your ex current relationship. Now here is the final step where you are going to text your ex using that loophole without him knowing about it. You are going to throw a text that will hit two birds with one arrow without specifically pointing to anyone.

If you succeed in producing that feeling into him, I am sure you are quite near to getting your ex boyfriend back even if he has a new girlfriend. Let me be a bit straight here, I have seen a few cases where despite my strong warning, some girls got excited at the conversation opener and just went crazy on texts. This will not only boost your morale but also bring out the real ‘YOU’ who was liked by your ex. You have moved on and now there is a happier girl who knows how to live her life without him. You have to find any weakness in his current relationship and exploit it for the sake of yourself. Here let me encourage you that half of your job is already done because you know your ex already and know better than the new girl.
I don’t want you to get lost in those days because it is going to affect your mind and demoralize you in a way that this relationship is no more. After you are done with this homework, we move on to the last thing that you have to figure out before making a move to get your ex boyfriend back if he has a girlfriend. What your job here is to figure out that loophole and use it wisely and carefully to win him back for you. You have to improve your physical appearance and create a newer version of ‘YOU’ with a lot of improvements. After all the ‘Keeping an eye’ work has been done, you have to organize your homework so that we can analyze them well. If she a some good characteristics or bad, just be honest to mention them in your note as it is going to help you not me. So I also advise you here not to behave like a kid and just proceed with the ‘The Text Game’ that I recommend only or I am afraid after so much hard work you will spoil the game forever. Don’t let her smell you or she is going to spoil your plan and its too easy for her because she is his girlfriend right now. Just take a pen and a paper and write down all the things he liked or disliked with you or not in your company. He told me he regretted everything that had happened, that he made a mistake that he wanted me back. This free report will tell you about 3 texts that will spoil your chances of getting back with your ex. That he’s going to break up with her and stay alone for a while to see if we get back together that way.

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