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Categories: Rebound Relationships | Author: admin 27.08.2014

Although the diet rules for men aren’t very different from women but you have got to make your man understand the need of good health! So, here’s the trick….my BFF told me, that his boyfriend was more successful with his diet plans when she accompanied him in it! No, I don’t want you to strut around the house with him all the time instead tell him for every calorie he burns; you will help him shed 50 more!

Say no to overindulgence, neither do you have to starve yourself- the essence is all the same, you have to EAT RIGHT! I mean; all the aforementioned tips make sense to me…so try them; who knows, it might just work wonders for you! Tell him that he needs to shed a bit of weight by highlighting the pros of weight loss rather than all the faults you see in him!

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