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Your ex using Facebook to keep a foothold in your life, pry into your private life and generally make a nuisance out of themselves. Being worried about how you’re perceived by mutual friends, their family etc post breakup or having these people create awkward situations for you. Many of us are obsessed with being The Good Girl (or The Good Guy) so of course when you break up, you make the shady decision to be friends. The best thing that you can do with your ex on Facebook is either 1) de-friend them or 2) hide their updates from your newsfeed.
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The friend I was talking about was also friends with my ex short term guy who pursued me twice to date, and neither time was really interested. In fairness, I was very intense with her several times talking about it, but that is hardly friendship ending stuff. After our break up (rather his dissapearing act!) , one thing I did that I regret now was that I sought out his wife on FB. After going through the mill with him, I dumped him first because he kept ignoring me and blowing cold (boundaries i guess, but it took me longer than i’m confortable with for them to kick in) after which he deleted me and all my friends, but kept emailing me when he was drunk. Not so pukka: Handing back each others possessions can be one of the hardest parts about a break up. Now when you break up, along with lazy means of communication like text messages, email, and instant messenger, you now have to deal with Facebook and other forms of social networking.
However for the broken hearted (and the type of person hellbent on keeping a foothold in your life), it’s a very passive way of keeping tabs on your ex. Unless you have to see your ex each day (I had to sit across the office from one of mine), the less reminders you have of them the better. Even if you do find yourself uncomfortable you can always hide their updates from your newsfeed. When you find yourself on Facebook morning, noon, and night, and seizing on grains of information in their updates and deriving meaning from them, or interrogating them about that woman you saw with them in a picture, it is time for you to de-friend them for your own sake. I agree if you really want to move forward from pain you need to stop throwing the pain in your face. I realised after a couple of months that I was avoiding facebook and feeling anxious about logging on to it because I was worried about seeing what she was up to. Trust me when I say that they’ll find meaning in everything you put there and either throw it in your face or use it is an opening for an ego stroke, shag, or a shoulder to lean on. You have to let go of them and not try to hold onto them and control their agenda via Facebook or you will throw yourself in the front line of pain. I know lots of people who have done this after a breakup and it has spared all of them from rubberneckers checking to see if they’re OK, awkward questions, and even worse, awkward updates from their ex. After finding her I then began to have ideas that I would contact her and tell her everything…I never did it, but still wish I had never found out who she was. I split up with someone in January, moved out in May, and found out on Twitter in July that he’d been seeing someone else three weeks after I moved out. He was friends with a girl that left her robe in his drawer (she lives out of state) – told me he never talked to her. I think with hindsight it’s better to delete and then add them back on after a break, as Elle said in her post.
After experiencing massive growth in the last few years, it’s causing sleepless nights, compulsive urges, and arguments about being insensitive or why they were snooping around in your business in the first place. After he professed that I would always be his best friend, that he would always be in my life, that he would never hurt me.
You may also end up feeling harassed if they persist and if you guilt trip yourself and hesitate about de-friending them for fear of upsetting them further, it’s just opening yourself up to further pain. By changing your relationship status, it will be letting all your friends know that you two just broke up and attract a lot of unwanted comments and questions. You DO NOT need that!However, I am not saying that just leave it unchanged even after your ex has publicly changed their relationship on Facebook. I get it that you are still feeling sad and depressed over your recent breakup or even if your breakup was years ago. Stop blaming your ex and start finding out what was the problem and think about what you can do to improve before you try to get back with your ex.4.

That will show your ex that you are doing well after the breakup and you are the same fun loving person your ex fell in love with. Seeing these photos might bring back a lot of good memories and fun times your ex had with you and thus make your ex miss you.3. A healthy amount of jealousy might be of some help in getting back with your ex.Remember, whether it is guy or girl, we get jealous very easily. However if your ex does contact you, you must be fully prepared for the call and not sound needy or desperate.4. Post positive status updates and funny stuff you recently came across.Nothing negative, even if you find yourself really missing your ex and feeling horrible.
Time to focus on your passion again.When you were dating, your life was mostly revolved around just your partner and you started doing less things that you were passionate about or completely stopped doing it. I finally got my marriage annuled after 2 years (we don’t have divorce in my country) and was waiting for him to fix his end. We had such a good time I have come home tonite after seeing him at work and I am very sad because we had such a good laugh last night I want things to be the same they were. He thinks it was all bad timing…that if we both were to meet now we would probably get married in a year. Two days before we broke up he was still talking marriage and took me to look at a place he wanted to buy. I went on vacation recently for ten days to California, talking to her literally everyday non stop, with both texting and phone calls. She would tell me how much she missed me and how she loved me to death and we would talk through the night about our days, our pasts and where we were going from here. She even would break down and tell me how much she loves and how I’m amazing and that I am all she needs because she knows what an amazing guy I am for her. She was very sexual as well, telling me all sorts of things she would want to do to me when I come home and how she missed me so much.The day I got back there was all this pent up energy and we had previously discussed about sex in vivid detail, and I wanted to make sure with her that we were both ready which was very scary for both of us because of our relationship pasts. And an hour later she was in tears saying how sorry she was and how awful she felt to be breaking my heart, and proceeded to drive me home. She cried the whole way to my house telling me how sick she feels with what she’s just told me and everything and how she still loves me and cares for me but this is the best thing in the long run. There was no cheating involved, rather I had resentment over him breaking up with me and I took him back so easily. I also noticed since that first break up I started impressing him more, doing more things for him to like me, which I think pushed him away…. At first it was easy to start getting over her but a couple weeks ago my world started to crumble when she told me how she had sex with someone else & she likes him.
We have had an on and off relationship for years and he always breaks up with me for stupid reasons and within months comes back.
And when we break up he always sounds 100 adament this can never work and is absolutely over…Anyway this time he is all over facebook. I cried, I felt that my ex was the only one who I could have an intimate and close relationship, regardless of how much he deceived me. Out the night after apparently and just kissed the first person he could (close knit group of friends is how I know all this). It talks about the man controlled by his mother and the affect this has on his relationships with other women. On Friday I texted him and said that I dont know hwta I did to him for him to act this way and that he needs to talk to me because I am trying.
Then after those two days of lots of crying and talking on both of our parts, he takes me home one night and I just knew. He on the other hand had difficulty but ultimately I could tell when I did something wrong and tried to talk about it with him.Anyways. I talked with his brother who is one of my best friends and he said that my ex just seemed completely detached from his emotions and he hadn’t talked about it.
We talked last night just about his trip- he responded to everything i said except the last text (which i assumed he fell asleep) then i texted him in the morning saying i hope he has a nice day with family. We fell in love by talking to each other every day while she was away on a month long family vacation, so we were in love before we even kissed or had sex.
Any substantial argument would push her to breakup mode, and she “broke up” with me about four different times.

My feeling was, after three plus years, she should know how much I feel and care and shouldn’t need to be reassured. A friend of mine said I could have “lived inside her bra” and it wouldn’t have made a difference.Assuming this is yet another temporary breakup, I let it sit for a while, and didn’t allow myself to get upset over it.
Thus, I start dating another girl, and my ex immediately breaks down and says we cannot talk anymore, it’s too hard for her to see me with someone else. I cave and reach out just to say hello, and she responds, and we start talking like we always have, but with our significant others hovering over like an elephant in the room.
My ex keeps dropping hints about how she misses me, will sometimes say she wants to hang out, wants me there with her, etc. Apparently, they won’t have any classes together after December, so let’s see if the relationship changes.According to her, new guy doesn’t call or text much, and she has to ask him to do things.
I tell her to sit down and talk to him about these things, but she says she isn’t comfortable with him yet.
I send her an e-mail that my door is always open if she needs to talk (probably a mistake), and that was a day ago, and she hasn’t responded.It’s all such a mess.
I feel like my ex’s behavior is completely absurd, considering how she broke up with me, started seeing and sleeping with someone else, and then gets mad at me for trying to date as well, as if the only thing I’m supposed to do is sit there and be miserable until she is single again. She will calm down and start talking to me again (saying I’m the only person on earth she feels completely comfortable with), but still sees her new guy, who she complains about to me. I also feel hurt that she is seeing a guy who (my opinion) poses no real future for her, and is doing the same things that caused her to break up with me, and is seemingly getting a free pass on all of it.
And it has only been a MONTH, not four years.I think the hardest thing for me to understand in all of this is how she, the insecure, quiet girl with only one boyfriend and sexual partner (me), can so easily jump into bed with another guy without even knowing him. Granted, she would have issues with ANYTHING, but still.I’m not looking for reconciliation, but I do miss talking to her. What bugs me the most is that she acts like this is all so natural (“He asked ME out, I wasn’t looking for this….this is how it works! But of course I want to reach out to her, but feel that I will get a “we can’t talk anymore” response. We had a great time together (at least I thought so) and I’m extremely confused so I just think writing this down and talking it out would help me. During the course of our time together, he frequently talked about me converting and I know he viewed the relationship as a serious one with all of the potential to become extremely serious in the future.
However, every time I got to come home for break we would spend as much time together as possible, and throughout my stay at school, he called me every single day whenever he cold and we were always in constant communication via text or phone call. So, after we fought, we kept fighting over it for about 3 or 4 days and I feared we would break up all because I hadn’t figured out a career plan yet.
I left for a cruise the next week, but beforehand he told me how upset he was that we wouldn’t even be able to communicate for an entire week. When I got back home last week, I turned my phone on to a text from him saying how upset he had been that I hadn’t been home, and how much he really missed me a lot. Someone he knew was asking us both how we met and about the relationship, and his responses included how he obviously had been waiting to date someone like me and how I was the person to take his mind off his first heartbreak years before.
I immediately realized this must have gotten him annoyed again, but when he texted me like normal a few min after dropping me off, I figured I was wrong. Later that night, he wasn’t talking as much and I realized he must have been thinking about the meeting. I never for a second even now would doubt that he loves me, but I don’t understand how things changed so fast all because of my lack of having a plan when he knew I was working on it. After it ended, I was the first to change my relationship status on Facebook, and was devastated by the thought that I might never hear from him again. I understand now how controlling he was and how his actions made no sense, but the thought of him moving on and being with someone else right now kills me. I never got the chance to yell at her or tell her how much this hurts me or what she has done.

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