How to make your man want you back after a break up, what can i do to get my ex girlfriend back - Within Minutes

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Try to make him remember about all the good things you have shared and done together that you have both liked very much. Just look like you're having fun, this will make him jealous because some guys actually like girls to be upset after dumping them. Just talk to him normally, he will see that you are not like those girls who just forget their manners and ignore them. Go out with friends, this way if you do bump into him, it won't look like you're a stalker or desperate.

Smile constantly and he will like that because you never know, maybe that's what attracted him in the first place. One thing you should never do is give him death stares or look at him with sad eyes because he will just really get annoyed. To get strong and build your self confidence turn your pain or anger about the break -up and use it for improving activities. When you are going to break up with him, make sure to look good so he realizes what has he lost.

Tell him that you still love him then try to make him fall for you then wait tell he kisses you or make the first move. Be prepared for the next thing that happens because if he chooses to get you back then don't be too hyped up and if he still says "no" then you gotta act real cool and not be really dramatic and burst out crying and go into fits of anger no matter how tempting it is.

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