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For the next four days I want to talk about what to do when your husband doesn’t want to make love. A man who is using porn will slowly find that it consumes more and more of his life, and more and more of his sexual energy. I’ve received many emails from women lately whose husbands fall into one of these categories (or else into almost all of them!).
Good, interesting article, but it seemed to me that the limited reasons you gave had a strongly negative bent bordering on shame and blame.There are many, many more reasons, valid and invalid, why a husband may not want sex. He made me live a celibate life for 6 moths and then it was my birthday.I begged him for some sexual attention, and he did oblige, almost begrudgingly.
You’ll need to make a choice between less frequent sex that he initiates or more frequent sex that you initiate. HOWEVER, at the same time, it’s quite likely that you need him to initiate, too, for your own needs to feel desired. I think this is becoming the main problem in our marriage, and with many friends that I speak to.
It’s still pitifully little sex for a young couple still in their first year of marriage (two weeks from our first anniversary), but sometimes initiating more or initiating more aggressively only leads to less sex not more. But quite often we get into this rut where he wants sex more than you do, and so he’s the one who always initiates making love. I’ve cried myself to sleep plenty of times because of wanting him to desire sex with me more and it makes it very difficult to understand when most blogs about men needing and wanting sex so often.
I just want to say this to amy, maybe his job has wired his brain to want sex with images instead of a person. Thanks to God, my husband is a wonderful man who loves me and spends time with me listening, doing things for me and fills my emotional bank without necessarily being physical.
My husband and I finally had a real talk about it one night, and he said, “I have enjoyed your body for so many years at so many different weights.
From the way I read her comment, I think Becca wants more sex and her feelings of being undesirable come from her husband not wanting sex very often. And I was talking in that series a lot about how women can come to see sex in a new way, understanding the real joy and intimacy that it can bring, so that we can desire it more often. The root to his scars lie in his family of origin; but even within a marriage he could not feel like a man. Let’s say that a man is nervous about the relationship and nervous about whether or not you really love him. But know that you are not alone, and know that it is becoming a problem that is increasingly more common.
The one thing that men kept saying in their surveys was how much they loved it when their wives initiated.
So I’d say initiate, because that helps him feel like a man, but also keep playing with him and talking to him and keeping the lines of communication open so you can also convey your own needs, which are very legitimate, too.

I always feel that he is not interested because my weight, which makes me more stressed and un able to loose that weight so easily. And you’re not even sure how to initiate sex, because you’ve never really done it! If you grew up thinking that only boys wanted sex, and girls just acquiesced, then you may think that it’s your role to sit back and just respond to him. It may seem romantic, but if it will push bedtime back too far, then make love FIRST, before the movie.
According to so many blogs out there, all the other husbands want their wives daily or more. From what I’ve been reading, good Christians will have as many children as they can conceive.
However, there’s no set timetable or finite number of dates that will let you know when it’s time to give it up. As I said before it was posted for the younger dudes so they can see just how cold and cruel some females are with the tease games.
This is true because some women know how to actually know their intentions and may only wants to date.
Sometimes I want to get to know him on a physical level as I’m getting to know him on a personal one. And you often need more and more porn and more extreme porn to give you the same high that you felt when you started using it.
The need was always there, but it is hard to hear over the much louder need for sexual intimacy. After a couple of years, my sex drive normalized, where now I want it once a week, but will have more for his sake.
I know one woman who was told by an “expert” to wait 10 dates before sleeping with the man she was dating. Anyway hopefully u’ve experienced healthier love with more stable, beautiful women since then.
If their bodies doesn’t get sexual release, their bodies will actually do it for them during the night periodically. If you’ve now decided that you want to change and you want to make love again, he may have a very difficult time making that adjustment. He says he thinks about sex (with me) a lot and wants to do it, but by the time he gets home from work it’s usually not his biggest priority. But remember that Jesus did paid for it, and He doesn’t want you to carry it around anymore. The other day I realized that I had been conditioned to associate sex with quality emotional time with a man. I have a husband who wants sex all the time which is great, but he wants it too late for me to get my 7 hours of sleep.

Back then most of the teenagers I hung out with seemed to change who they were with a lot more frequently. After I returned from Florida I did tell her no at the fireworks show when she wanted to see me later that night with me. Make sure that when something comes out of your mouth about your husband or to your husband that it is positive. My past experience does prove how childish girls can be at the younger ages with the ignorant tease games. To anyone on the outside he just looks extremely lazy, but I do think there’s more going on there.
I’ve had to make plans with my girlfriends, and even same sex friends to have a life. I know it’s really, really hard to get those images and expectations out of your head, but I do believe that He wants to help you with that. This meaning just don’t lay there and let him work, put in time to keep that spark going if a relationship is what you really want. I am a woman of faith and put my love and trust in the lord and my husband but he is getting more distant, more abusive and more resentful by the weeks which pass.
I made this post to show younger guys how some of the younger girls play the cheap tease games with the sex. Extracting from Evans’ pointview that we are to figure out responsibly a real man, then why not follow what is the truth. I keep trying to please him with doing all the housework before he gets home and look after our young children and work part time too as he was so resentful that I want contributing enough before I went back to work. My husband has said that no one would ever want me as I have had mental health issues in the past and will have to take medication for life.
Things are better now that he is aware of my needs (love language) and now that I have accepted the fact that I need to pursue him more than he pursues me. About half the time we always had to go pick her friends so it seemed that I became more of a part time chauffeur for her and her friends. Her friend found me later that night and convinced me to go talk with her like she wanted make things OK.
It can be difficult for us guys to know when the right time is right especially with so many games.

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