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Style26 Signs He's Cheating On YouIf you think your guy is pulling some shady shit, chances are he is. Trust your gut — but when in doubt, see if he's indulging in any of these shenanigans. You just go with it because he is cute, seems genuine, gives you attention, and you might just think he'll change and realize you're "the one."2. That way you can't see incoming texts when you ask to see pictures on his phone that you guys just took of each other.Advertisement - Continue Reading Below3.

He gives you just enough attention to keep you around but not enough to actually move forward in your "relationship."9. Duh, because he's texting countless other girls, so it takes a while for him to get back to you.15. You can bet those numbers are attached to girls who are conversing with him in a flirty manner.
OK, maybe his mom, but she doesn't even know what he's up to, and you only met her for an hour.22.

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